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Touchy throttle - 2013 1500

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Truck is a 1500 Sierra with a 6.2L


With 1500 miles on the clock, I have a couple annoying issues.


First - on a cold start, the motor runs rough. Almost like its hunting whether it should be in 4 cylinder or 8 cylinder mode. I back it out of the drive way and it's "jerking" as if missing.


Second - there is no way to pull away from a stop without it feeling as though I plant the throttle. It's as if the TPS delays or sticks the TB blade. Many times, it chirps the throttle.


To put it in perspective ... I've been road racing Firebirds, Camaros and Vettes since 1999. So I have decent pedal control.


Some of my late model Mustang competitors complain about a delay in the throttle by wire logic. Is this the same thing? Other than a tune, any way to fix it?

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Sounds like something is wrong. The 6.2 throttle response is sluggish at best unless you mash it. By far the most lazy throttle I've ever felt in a vehicle. Of course a BB tune took care of that. Lol

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I just had this same issue yesterday, Mine threw a couple codes P0171 and P0174. So I opened the hood and for my viewing pleasure the Air Raid MIT I installed a week ago popped off. So I put it back on and made couple extra turns on the clamp cleared the codes and now she is back to normal. Mine did the same exact thing rough start up and either the throttle was full on or nothing.

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Really didn't notice much of a difference with the tube maybe at most .5 really its just some more sound.... I only put it on because I thought maybe it would help with my BB tune Which is in Justins Queue right now!

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The engine running slightly rough upon being cold started is pretty normal. Engines don't run properly until the combustion chamber is up to temp..until then you get a rough, incomplete burn of the air / fuel ratio. If it does it more than 1-2 minutes I'd say take to the dealer for warranty work. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.

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