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hung an outboard on my minerial green metalic 2013 crew

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man this things a hoot!


this is one of them colors that has to be seen in the bright sun to appericate it. cameras don't do it justice. my brother calls it ranger bass boat green.




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I've seen that green only a few times and I love how it looks. When the sun hits it the paint looks incredible. I really hope they offer it on the new trucks eventually.

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I have to ask where you got that lil outboard my dad would love one of those.


I'm not sure where the OP got it. I've seen them before but they are hard to come by:





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yea it's deffinetly bought some comments. been having a bit of fun with it. i got it at bass pro shop about ten years ago for my dad. he had just bought a new boat. but he never even took it out of the package. he dug it out and gave it back. wish i'd got two. twins would be bad ass.

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came out of work today and one of the guys wrapped some fishing line around the prop. :happysad:

It looks like your hitch pin is the standard clip type. Might want to consider a locking hitch pin if you're going to keep that in there. I could definitely see someone taking off with that outboard.

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