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Brand New High Output Mechman 270a Alternator


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For Sale:

Mechman H.O. 270a G Series Alternator



Brand New, Never Installed.


I bought this alternator and 2 days later I totaled my 2008 Sierra


This is for 2005+ Vehicles with a 2 pin wiring harness.


This is for, but not limited to: 4.3l, 4.8l, 5.3l, 6.0l, 6.2l and 6.6l Duramax


Asking Price $400 + Actual Shipping. I paid $499 + Shipping from Mechman for a total of $514







Invoice for $514 ($499 + shipping) from Mechman Authorized Dealer that's a good friend of mine. He didn't make any money off of me. One of the perks to having a friend who owns his own car audio shop who deals with audiophile equipment as he is an authorized dealer for brands such as Digital Designs, Mechman, Sundown Audio, etc...























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No. Not even close. That's a low ball offer of 50% of my asking price for a $499 brand new never installed Mechman 270a alternator

would u consider $200 + shipping [email protected]



with it being 2 pin, it should fit 05-06 as well

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Just trying to help out and widen your market. I found out the hard way with my DC Power Engineering 300 AMP. They sent me a 2 wire.


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I also have many other car audio products for sale.

JVC's Flagship Model NEW JVC KW-NT800HDT. I totaled my Sierra a months ago and JVC was kind enough to replace my entire unit even
though I was involved in an accident. I have yet to get a new vehicle, so I have only hooked it up to my new XS D3400 AGM Car Audio battery in my bedroom
to download the new firmware. Other than that, it has not been used. It comes with the cage with no bent tabs to show it has not been installed. If you are
not familiar with the unit, you can go here to read all of the great features. This is JVC's Flagship Model, so it's their top of the line unit.




I was going to get the Pioneer AVIC-Z140BT, as I am a diehard Pioneer fan and have never owned anything but a Pioneer unit in the 13 years I
have been into car audio since the day I turned 16 and got my Driver's License. However, the guy at the car audio shop asked me a good question before buying
it. How important is Live Traffic? I told him, very important in Dallas. He told me I would have to buy a separate external & expensive brain to get
the Traffic for it. He told me that this is the same unit he has in his G37 and told me if I didn’t like it, I could bring it back. I never brought it back. So
what I have for sale is a new JVC-KW-NT800HDT straight from JVC that was replaced by them. It’s not refurbished. It's NEW. I took it out of the box as I
said to take pictures and to upload the new firmware. Other than that, it's still in the box. I have yet to get a new truck yet. Comes with everything out of the box.



Focal Performance PS165 6.5" Component Speakers in the box. Installed for 3 months before my friend traded in his Ford Escape to lease a new F-150 and didn't want to install anything on a leased vehicle. Paid $499 for them. Asking $300




Two Infinity Kappa Perfect VQ10's 10" Subwoofers. These things get LOUD and sound great. They love large ported boxes. I have been asked what kind of 12's I had in my Tahoe. Little did they know, they were 10's. I'm an audiophile fan. I dont buy mainstream branded equipment such as overpriced JL Audio, Kicker, JBL, Alpine (Except for the Type R's which are one of my favorite subs), etc... I use brands such as Sundown Audio, RE Audio (Resonant Engineering,) Inciminator Audio, PSI Car Audio, Digital Designs, Focal, Hertz Audio, etc... as they spend more money on Research & Development, quality parts, assembled by hand instead of by machines, use U.S. parts instead of Chinese parts for the most part, etc... rather than spending more money on Marketing, cheaper parts, not hand built, etc... than what I said above. The Audiophile equipment is what perfessionals use for SQ and SPL competitions and high end car audio installs. $175 for both




Infinity Kappa 462.9cfp 2 way 4x6 plate speakers - $50





Stock CD Player: $50



AC Delco Professional Line Upgraded 48-6YR battery from my 2008 GMC Sierra 5.3l. My battery quit on me and I took it to the dealership and
had them replace it. I had the option to upgrade to the AC Delco 48-6YR battery, for the price difference of $73.00 + $13.00 Labor and $8.50 in Tax for a total
of $108.50 price difference, as it had more Cold Cranking Amps, Cranking Amps and more Amp Hours versus the battery that came with the truck that had the
24-6YR. 3 months after I got the battery, I replaced it with a Kinetic HC16V Car Audio Battery, so this battery hasn't seen much use. It's almost a brand
new battery. It's a Group 34 Battery. It has a 30 Month Warranty. I have the invoice and receipt so you can easily retain the warranty without having to
look up the purchase price from Classic Buick GMC of Carrollton in Carrollton,TX. The warranty can be retained by any GM Dealership. I believe I have the
invoice, if not, then they can look it up in the computer. This will fit many other vehicles, not just GM Trucks. I listed the dimensions below.

Copied and Pasted from AC Delco's Website.

Model-----------Application----------AH/RC-----CCA-------CA---- L---- W ------ H--------Lbs----- Price

48-6YR-----12 Volt Automotive-------110--------615--------750---10.9--6.9--------7.5------35.5------$164.95


The battery that came with my 2008 GMC Sierra was a 24-6YR

Model----------Application-------------RC---------CCA-------CA ----L--------W-------H------Lbs ---Price

24-6YR-----12 Volt Automotive-------110--------600------650----10----6.8-----8.8------39-----$91.95


Price: $80




AC Delco DR44 145amp optional higher output alternator that comes with the optional Tow Package: $75



U.S. made Planet Audio RXD1400 1400wrms @ 1 ohm amplifier: $80



I also have random interior trim pieces, center console insert for bucket seats, and the 60 portion of the 60/40 rear split bench leather black seats.


I had everything taken out of my truck to install my new stereo equipment. I was in the process of installing my 3" rear seat raise lift I fabricated and sold a couple on the GM message boards out of .25" Aircraft Grade T6-6061 Aluminum and Grade 8 Bolts and Nuts (Factory is Grade 4 so the seat would break before the seat lift and bolts would. I did this so I could install my 3cuft NET ported box for my forward facing FOUR Sundown Audio SA-8 V.2 8" subs that had been modified and upgraded with different voice coils, heavier spider packs with 2 extra added spider packs, etc... Better low end frequency extension and ability to run more power to the subs from 600wrms stock to 1000+wrms. I got the box built, fitted, but never got a chance to install any of my audio equipment as I was in the middle of installing the seat lift, rear back wall amplifier rack for 4 amps and the Dynamatt Extreme. I ordered my alternator 2 days before my accident and the alternator came in 2 days after my accident. Only audio equipment I was able to install was my XS D3400 AGM Car Audio Battery, which came out unscaved. It's not for sale at the moment, nor are the subwoofers. Probably couldn't afford them anyway. They were expensive to upgrade. Four stock SA-8 V.2's were $740 plus shipping to have them upgraded, which ran me $120 each to have them reconed and upgraded. I might consider selling them later, depending on what vehicle I get. I'm thinking about getting an SUV and I still might even run these since I haven't had a chance to even hear them yet as I sent them off to get them upgraded the same week I got them in.


You can tell that I was in the middle of installing my stereo since I have the 60 portion of the 60/40 seat in storage and interior pieces available since they were out of the truck at the time. The Focal Speakers weren't even a part of my stereo install. I already have Focal Utopia 6W2 Component Speakers and Focal K2p Component Speakers that were going to be installed along with 4 amplifiers.


All of the equipment listed, was never going to be a part of my car audio install, except for the Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.1 DSP and the Mechman Alternator. Glad I didn't install it yet. Better yet, wish I would have waited a couple days before ordering it as I wouldn't have needed it.


I am selling this due to my employer laying off us higher salaried Managers. Apparently, Loyalty is overrated.



I have an 18ft car hauler / car trailer for sale with slide in locking loading ramps with dual axles made out of quarter inch steel. Tires were replaced last year so they have plenty of tread left. It has a dovetail trailer hitch. Each trailer tire is rated for 3100 pounds and towed a 1 ton F-350 :fingersx: for 300 miles a couple years ago due to a catastrophic failure. :crackup: Meet me in the middle depending on where you live so I don't have to drive towing a trailer with the possibility of someone not purchasing it. I took it to a guy who deals with selling stuff like this and he said it was built VERY WELL. It has thick axles and plenty of thick bracing. He said he would buy it, but he already has a 25 footer. So if you are local in the Oklahoma, Kansas or Dallas area, hit me up. I paid much more than my asking price a few years ago and tires are still like new with no sidewall cracking. I have wheel covers on them. It hasn't seen much usage and the paint and tire tread shows that to be true. My asking price is $1300, however, since I need the money fast, I will sell it for $1100.


If anyone is interested in any of this, I will post pictures of whatever you are interested in. There are just too many pictures to upload for everything.

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Too bad I didnt have my Mechman Alternator for sale when you were shopping. I just edited my post to show they are for 2005+ trucks and uploaded pictures including the invoice and the RPM to Amperage graph in my original post.


Also posted what other car audio products for sale. Check out any of them if you are interested. I have a stock AC Delco DR44 upgraded 145a alternator incase you sold yours for when you sell your truck. I'm sure you don't want to let that expensive hardware to go with the truck if you dont still have your stock alternator. I also have a 3 month used upgraded AC Delco Performance battery incase you want to add another battery, don't have an AGM battery or your old factory battery isn't around or no longer works for when you sell the truck. I didn't see that you had an AGM Car Audio Battery.


I had mine replaced under warranty in my 2008. It should have lasted longer than 3 years. If you don't have it on a float charger, it might already be toast, especially if you have it sitting on concrete. That kills batteries quickly. So if you have any batteries sitting on concrete, make sure to put them on a pair of 2x4's. Didn't know if you knew that or not. If you didn't and you have one or more sitting on the ground, then I'm glad I could return the favor for helping me out.


Check out my car audio products.

Just trying to help out and widen your market. I found out the hard way with my DC Power Engineering 300 AMP. They sent me a 2 wire. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S4 using Tapatalk 4

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One of the reasons I bought the DC was the CNC'd, anodized, billet front half of the case.




But on topic, I left a voice mail with my uncle about the trailer because we are looking for one with the 2011 F-150 rebuild we are doing.


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Sounds good. Would be a heck of a trip. 1300 miles round trip for the both of us. 750 miles to meet in the middle and 750 miles back home for us, but I'm willing. I just bought a 2004 Nissan Armada today. It gets TERRIBLE gas mileage at 15mpg on highway without the trailer. Drove to Ohio to get it, so I found out real quick that my Armada gets terrible gas mileage. Worse than it should be. Sticker says 18mpg, but I have 4WD with a 2" lift via Bilstein 5100 Front Adjustable Coilovers in the front, 2" rear spacer and but atleast I have a set of new 325/60/18 33" Cooper Discoverer STT TEK3 Mud Terrain Tires so atleast I'll be able to have some fun with my new tires that were just put on. They are a month old. Been thinking about selling them to get All Terrain Tires in the same size. They are a Type E rated tire so they can even be put on 1 ton trucks and tow at maximum towing rate.


Might be worth it for me to rent a pickup that gets 21mpg on highway. If I could rent a truck and make the trip in a day, like I did with my 1200 mile trip to Ohio, the cost of 20mpg vs 14mpg would be Left early in the morning, stayed overnight at a hotel since it was late when we got into town. At 1300 miles, that's 3.25 tanks of gas on a 28 gallon tank for $332.15 vs 26 gallon tank at 19mpg @ $284.70 for a savings of $48. Well I guess it's not that much of a savings to rent a Silverado. I was thinking outloud. $1100 - $330 = $770 for my trailer. Man, that's really going to kill my profits. Are you sure you don't live closer than Bakersfield? LOL

I may be interested in the trailer. Let me check with my partner Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S4 using Tapatalk 4

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One thing I'm going to do, once I land a job, is do an electric fan conversion. My 2008 GMC Sierra listed below, came with electric fans if I remember correctly.


You oughta look into doing that. Will give you an extra 10-15hp and 1 MAYBE 2mpg increase.


The list of things I'm going to do to increase my Fuel Effeciency is the following:




Muffler (Can't go with a chambered muffler like Flowmaster, which I'm not a fan of anyway because after I did some research, its actually not a performance muffler. It's for sound only. The one I wanted to go with was a Spintech Pro Street. I swapped out my Flowmaster 40 Series with a Spintech 6000 Pro-Street, which is actually a performance muffler and I saw a 1mpg increase, throttle response and a noticable power increase. Probably 10hp since it was just a single in, dual out muffler. No piping, no Hi-Flow catalytic converters, CAI, etc... so with a full exhaust system and your CAI, you should see a better increase in performance and gas mileage. The Spintech Pro-Street muffler I swapped out on my Sierra was worth it. For $95, it was REALLY worth it. The sound was deeper, throatier, and sounded all around better. Oh and by the way, they are damn near bulletproof. Won't ever have to worry about punctures or corrosion as it's made out aluminum and it's so thick, it would take decades for it to corrode through.


Electric Fan Conversion (Should free up about 15hp and 1 MAYBE 2MPG from the HEAVY clutch fan. I already have 400ft lbs of torque, so I'm more interested in the gas savings than the power increase)


Electric Water Pump (If Possible)


Different Tires (Go back to a narrower tire) something like a 33x11.50x18.


If you are interested in my tires that have less than 2000 miles on them with the $300 (for the set) Road Hazard Warranty, they are for sale. I don't want to sell them, but I have to drive 600 miles once a month round trip so I need to go with something like 285/70/18's Terra Grapplers or something. The cost on these were $2,109 after installation, tire waste disposal fee of $5, $162 in taxes and $300 in Road Hazard (Hey, it's worth it for $2100 tires), but I'll sell them for much cheaper than that.

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Post pics of your trailer. Make sure you advertise it locally in the OK and TX, ie: CL, free online/printed classified. You'll have no problems selling it. I see people looking for them all the time

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