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2004 Yukon Denali XL - BCM Installation Questions



After experiencing all kinds of weird random electrical episodes, like "Doors Ajar" that were closed, and door locks unlocking and locking while driving, and the left air blowing hot air when set to 60 and the right side blowing cold air at the same time and setting, I felt like my issue was a faulty Body Control Module. Found one from AC Delco Direct, and proceeded to install. (Part # 10367690-fits a ton of vehicles from 2003-2007)

Not exactly sure about what I need to do and in what order. The new module does not recognize the "Driver"(key fob), Courtesy lights, radio, nothing works. I thought I would just have to do the PassLock reset procedure by going through 3 cycles of trying to start, leaving the ignition on for 30 minutes, turning it off for 10 seconds and then attempting to start. After the 3rd cycle it still does not start. I might add. The "PassLock" light does NOT remain on during these cycles.

I put the original BCM back in for now, since it works fine most of the time. I thought I might get some advice here. I was told by one "old timer" that the BCM "learns" everything from the ECM except the PassLock password. But, I am reading more and more, that the BCM has to be programmed with a Tech 2 Scanner. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am not a real mechanic, but just a white collar, insurance agent, senior citizen who will try tackle almost anything.

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First off, I want to thank you guys. You have been very helpful. I finally have seen in my online auto manual from the library, that the RPO codes to have to be set by a scanner at the dealer, before you can perform the manual PassLock password learn procedure. Which brings me to my final 2 questions.

1. Can the dealership program my BCM outside of the vehicle and if so might that save me any money.

2. What about my key fobs? I know that the vehicle didn't seem to recognize them when I attempted to install the BCM my self. I have 4 of them numbered 1-4, with #1 & #2 identified as Driver 1 and Driver 2. Fobs 3 & 4 work, but do not identify with either driver, just the last one that was active.


I am thinking that if they had to vehicle and all the keys, then they could just do it all at the same time.

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