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Ground Issues on a 2003 Chevrolet 2500 HD w/ 6.0



I have a 2003 Chevrolet 2500HD 6.0 (gas) that appears to have a ground issue that just started. Randomly when I hit a bump the door locks and guages go crazy, the truck looses power and then goes to "Reduces Engine Power". I then have to shut the truck off and restart it. Next bump appears to start this all over again. When in the garage running I can rev the engine and place in gear with no issues. (Like power braking) also turning the steering wheel makes no change. Did notice that if the truck is idoling and I jack the front if the truck up a bit a drop it that the truck dies. I suspect the ground on the passenger rear of the engine but am unable to find this. I have cleaned the battery terminals and cables and tried another battery as well. Can someone get me a picture of the passenger side ground cable? Is there something else I should be looking at?

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