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Piggybacking the Bose Amp / Upgrade Advice

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Question: My Pioneer HU should push 14 watts X 4 RMS and 50W X 4 max. I have read on here that the Bose amp pushes about 30W RMS to each channel. Is that right? So, my options are: 1. Leave the speakers wired to the Pioneer stereo OR 2. Wire the speakers to the Bose amp

Background: I have a 2004 Tahoe LS. It only had the base radio. I installed a Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS head unit and loved the increase in sound quality. I had also purchased a new console to replace my jump seat; the console came with the Bose sub and amp. I didn't bother with trying to wire up the Bose sub at first because I wanted to get the HU installed and door speakers replaced to see what my initial sound quality would be. (It's also easier to ask forgiveness for spending money when the wife can hear the improvement) A couple of weeks after installing the HU, the Axxess interface stopped working. I bypassed the interface to ensure the HU was fine and everything else works. I tried re-initializing the interface per instructions from tech support but still cannot get any power out of the stupid black box. I got tired of jacking with it and just slipped the factory radio back in. It's been about 6 months and now I have some free time to start all over. I plan to wire the radio in without an interface as I don't care about the chimes or the stereo playing after I turn the key off before I open the doors and my Tahoe does not have any special features.

Current System:
Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS
2 - Pioneer TS-A1685R 6-1/2" 4-Way speakers (175W Max, 60W RMS)
2 - Pioneer TS-A1674R 6-1/2" 3-Way speakers (150W Max, 35W RMS)

In Progress:
Wiring up Bose amp and Subwoofer and reinstalling Pioneer HU

Wishlist (next 3 months):
- Dual 10 inch downfire Sub Enclosure
2 - Pioneer TSSW251 Shallow Mount 10 Inch Subs
1 - Pionner GM-D8604 Amp

Any thoughts before I jump in too far?

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The Bose amp will be a pain in the ass to wire up. I did the console swap and got rid of the amp. GAVE it to a guy who burned his up


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I spent some time today calling Bose customer service to get the specs on the amp and was able to get out of the lady that it has a maximum rating of approximately 250 watts!!! 250 watts for an 8 inch sub and 4 6.5 inch speakers plus tweeters. That is pretty weak.

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700 isn't bad for a living room system. It is a decent size. 250 is weak for a car and running a lot of music. 700 will handle Michael Bay movies well

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