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so i understand you need ap8 code showing in glove box. im showing ap8 among many other codes? does the mean i have the remote start prepp package? (ill attatch photo)


also if i do have the correct ap8 code and i want to order my remote onlinw rather than purchase from a dealer how do i know what part number i need? i understand you cant just buy any remote you also need some type of programming code. that comes with it.


my vin number is.. 1GTR2VE7XDZ257401


PLEASE HELP!!! trying to save myself a few bucks at the dealership!!!





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That truck is set up for it...


My opinions on it-


#1 It sucks. the range sucks, the runtime sucks.


#2 I upgraded mine to the Large remote with the screen. The remote is huge, the clock is wrong due to my aftermarket radio, there is a large antenna mounted to the inside of my rear window, and the range STILL sucks.


#3 If you are going to do it, just BUY IT FROM THE DEALER unless you have already made sure the dealer will be OK with the install.

I asked my dealer if they would do it and he just said "would you buy a steak at a grocery store and bring it to the restaurant?" they gave me a good price on it and it's their problem if something happens (the first remote GM sent had no paperwork and it was unusable)


DEI aftermarket units start at $199 installed here and I had a Clifford unit on my last truck 1 mile range, LCD screen, etc for $400 I wish I had that back!

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You can add remote start for aroud 80 dollars using dei dball and their obd t hardness. It is plug in and turn your key for the dball module to be introduced to your can bus systems. This setup yses your oem fob and activates with three lock button presses. The viper remotes have great range but are extremly fragile. You can also add dei eange extender to use your phone.

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I plan on going to dealer to have it done my question now is can I order the remote fob with the code that is needed online to not pay full price at the dealer?

You Can but like I said some dealers are extreme jerks about it... I'd just make sure they aren't going to give you shit about it or flat out refuse to install it just to be jerks.....is it the selling dealer? If so get the salesman involved they can usually get you a discount on the part or make sure they won't screw with you over buying it online and bringing it in...... Let us know how it turns out....

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  • 6 years later...

Sorry don't mean to hi-jack the thread, but.....I purchased my truck (2013 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax) used from an individual last year. It has the AP3 code (not AP8 or AP7), but it does have the remote start button on both (factory) key fobs. It isn't working, does nothing. I figured the key fob may have to be programmed, but every web search i've seen is something different than what my truck has. Does the AP3 code not have what is needed to have and use remote start?? If not, what's missing?   Thanks for any help on this matter.


AP3 LOCK CONTROL REMOTE, KEYLESS ENTRY, STAR                                                                                                 
AP7 LOCK CONTROL, ENTRY REMOTE, KEYLESS START, PASSIVE                                                                                  
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    • By Apache32Bravo
      Bought this vehicle brand new. I love it, and perfect for myself, my family, and the fact it's Diesel puts the cherry on top for me. But... now things have started. We have currently 1,137 miles on the vehicle and had the first message populated:
      - Service steering column lock. (see photo)
      Everything else worked, remote start, standard start, and the vehicle had zero issues. The following day from our road trip, we had to go to the DMV with our out-of-state paperwork to submit for plates. My wife now received a new message. 
      - Service emissions system. See owners manual. (see photo)
      She drove to the DMV and left to get the smog paperwork. Then a new issue: 
      - Vehicle remote start isn't working. (see photo)
      She is in the car and tries to start... Nothing. She tries again. It starts, and she drives it to a local dealer. They come to look and scheduled us for an appointment. She drives the vehicle now, and Onstar now shows the emission issue. ( see photo ) We now can't register the vehicle in California, because, the check engine light is on, emissions warning, and they won't smog it until it's corrected. 
      I noticed that none of these issues happened until it updated the software in the vehicle. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed. I've been looking around for answers and only finding more issues that are all pretty shitty. Sorry, no better way to say it. I've also seen a post of people saying, “deal with it, it's a new breed of vehicles,” etc. I’d challenge that answer. No one should pay this much for a vehicle and face these issues I'm reading about. 
      So here's what I'm going to do, document everything, and I mean everything. This will be for everyone who may have this issue now or who may come across it. 
      My opinion...but I'm not a mechanic, is that there is a massive software and hardware issue with these models. I believe GM internally has to know about this from Dealers, Customer Service, Compliance Reports, etc. I'm sure all issues are in the queue to be address or fixed. I do, however, feel with the challenges of physical hardware that they chose a vendor that was most cost-effective, which is a component of these issues a long with the capability to support the software complexity of the current models. 
      Or maybe I'm just wearing a tin hat, who knows. 
      So, I open this up to you. Any advice, similar issues, outcomes you've faced, and other topics, please comment below. 
      May the journey of dealership visits begin. Hopefully, this journey isn't to long. 

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      My 2015 Silverado 1500 4x4 crew cab has about 110000 miles on it. It just started having an issue that I cannot seem to fix. The engine stays running when I turn the key to the off position and remove it. The accessories turn off normally and the RAP seems to be working. Meaning the radio and things turn off when I open the door....this truck is all stuck with the exception of a light bar. I’ve already pulled the light bar fuse at the battery hookup to see if that had anything to do with it and it made no change. Any ideas? Thanks
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      I recently bought a 2020 Trail Boss and whenever I remote start the vehicle, the A/C is blowing on high, how can I disable this  or Adjust this?  
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      I have a 2017 Silverado Work Truck. Came with Factory power windows and power locks. It did not come equipped with a keyless entry system from the factory. It does not have any of the modules to add remotes for door lock entry or remote start.  Does anyone know of a kit to add these features to my truck?
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      I am getting desperate for some help on this issue. I bought a 202o Silverado 1500 WT and I have been slowly adding OEM parts to it. I live in New England, so I thought a remote starter would be nice for those cold mornings. My problem is that my local dealer told me that the OEM remote starter isn't available for my truck (something about the software not having that option). I don't know how much I believe this, because an OEM starter should be pretty much universal across the 5.3L engines and computers, right? Well, I asked another dealer, and they said the starter kit isn't showing up as a possible accessory with my VIN#. I then tried to call GM directly, and got absolutely nowhere with the tech support, because the first girl had no idea why it wasn't showing up, and the second one had no idea what I was talking about. She thought I was just wondering why it wasn't showing up as an accessory on the page.
      I am trying to keep the truck as OEM as possible, because I really don't want a bunch of wire splices and extra key fobs to carry around. My question is, has anyone else been having this issue, and/or is this just a load of b.s. and the starter kit and new key fob with the start button will install just fine? Any information would be greatly appreciated about why my WT can't have the remote starter kit installed. (Last eight of the VIN is LG141071)
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