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First time 2014 Sierra Denali owner. Need some advice


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Hey All, I just bought myself a 2014 Sierra Denali 6.2L and shes fully loaded (AND BEAUTIFUL!!!) however wont be able to pick it up until late January. This is my first major vehicle purchase and i'm a relative truck rookie (the trailer hitch is where you hang the fuzzy dice right?) so I want to keep her humming and beautiful. I'm getting the 3M tape done, 18 inches on front and 12 inches along doors but what else will I need? Of course the dealers are offering rust protection and interior protection at an amazingly inflated cost so would it be worth it to get this from somewhere else, if at all? I live in Northern Canada, think -45 degrees and 24hr sunlight north so the cold is a factor however the roads aren't salted, its calcium+Sand and its away from the ocean so no salt water air.


She'll be used for some towing but a lot of highway driving for work and play. Tips for gas milage? Any simple modifications I could make to get the most out of it? As you can imagine it is the north so gas prices are inflated and the nearest GMC dealership is 3hrs away.


Right now the only thing i'm having done is some mud flaps as the highway i'll be on isn't the greatest. Would a battery blanket be worth while?


Oh and i'm so excited to be getting her, usually im a poster boy for buyers remorse but not in this case at all so I know I made the right move.

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Because of the horrible roads that ruined my 09, I got the bumper front/rear + tail gate done with 3m protection. Tailgate was chipped from towing on my 09 I think. Other than that I haven't done anything, plug it in when temp really dips. Never did any rust or interior protection waste of money in my opinion.


My chrome rims really pitted on my 09 from the sand/salt they put on the roads so I wouldn't let it sit on the chrome to long.

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