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how to Disassemble 2014 silverado LTZ headlight

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Does anyone know how to disassemble the actual headlight from the 2014 Silverado LTZ? I have the headlights off but I want to do some work to the inside of the actual headlight housing, I tried to remove the chrome housing but can't seem to get it off. I see clips but no luck, I just don't want to break anything. I'm sure once I can get the chrome off I can just bake them and take them apart. If anyone has done it please let me know what the best way to accomplish this task is.



I don't mean how to remove from the truck, I know how to do that, for those that don't you need to remove the painted bumper in between the chrome bumper and grill, Has a total of 2 bolts on each side and the clips under the truck, tug on it real good to remove it's a bit hard, then remove the grill, 8 bolts total, 4 on top and 4 where the painted bumper was, then just remove the headlight (4 bolts each).

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