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New 2014 Silverado Owner


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Just traded in my Avalanche LTZ for new 2014 Silverado Crew Cab LT. I had a 2005 Silverdo before I traded it for Avalanche.


Only had it a day and some things I have noticed about my new Silverado.


Things I've noticed:

Air Dynamics - the "reverse mud flap" & lower plastic front bumper, going to have to use creeper from side.


I like the Oil Filter and drain plug right next to each other.


It looks like the gear box is below the frame by 1/4 inch, looks like it could get easy hung on something.


Skid plate is plastic, wonder if Z71 skid plate is metal?


Considered first purchases:

I'd like to get the truck bed security back like I had in avalanche.

Locking Bed Cover $600

More info & Video

Bed Liner

I like this because it's non destructive as compared to insert and spray ins which tear up bed.



Bed Rug http://www.amazon.com/Bedrug-BRC07CCK-Bed-Liner/dp/B0016HWNWE/ref=au_pf_ss_1?ie=UTF8&Make=Chevrolet%7C47&Model=Silverado%201500%7C491&Year=2014%7C2014&carId=002&n=15684181&s=automotive

Westin Step Bars


Do any of you have any feedback on these products or any recommendations?

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