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What have you done to your K2 today?

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11 hours ago, doubeleive said:

I see them on ebay for around $250 a set usually, depending on the color I have seen sets selling for like $80 never black though of course.

Unfortunately not Black...Cocoa.. but 50.00 bucks.. was a no brainer..



22933519 illuminated Door Sill Plates Cocoa Brown 2015 to 2019 GMC Yukon | eBay

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2 hours ago, Diver6 said:

Were they plug and play for the pick ups or was there some wiring to do? 

Super easy..The hardest part is getting the damn pin out of the connector...They have you pull the grey wire (interior door lamps) from the BCU plug and splice this in, then run another line over to the PS foot well, with the ground going to the DS B pillar.. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get a pic of it.. The only thing I need to change (I highly recommend doing) is finding out where the BCU wire is that controls the lighting from the day/night sensor and tap into that instead, I say this because these light up during the day and they look pink, and that can't stay...

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Upgraded the lights on my Magnum Headache rack. Now they are all signal, stop, reverse, marker and also have an amber strobe function to them.  Just need to synchronize them and I will be all set FE8EA852-24E7-40C9-BF0F-4A8B97E56F8D.thumb.jpeg.5e5e285882de35b6e5e838bc37f6720e.jpeg

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Vide didn’t work
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2 hours ago, slide187 said:

That sounds interesting. Would like a quick vid of them working when you’re all done.

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Not sure how to post videos?  Do I need to upload them to YouTube?  Tried to upload one in the post but the video dose t work 

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1 hour ago, Mercracing said:

Cleaned mine out to get ready for picking up my ‘21 Denali tonight in the snow storm.

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If you do it right, that will be a good test for the female version of our trucks! LOL

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Finally got my truck washed and birds crapped on it smh!! 59C86D97-1574-4FC3-90FA-82DA2296C4C9.thumb.jpeg.9fb23ea30a87cb03258ddc15729a260f.jpeg
Looks good man. How you liking the Reklez arms? I'm torn between those and the McGaughys. Bad thing about McGaughys is being on back order.

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