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What have you done to your K2 today?

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1 hour ago, M1ck3y said:

Removed the front air dam, not interested in plowing snow with my truck this winter. I'd take a picture but.. Well, we all know what an air dam looks like.

The full oem air dam is a bit much. I never cared for it but needed it because of the front plate. However, I did learn that it is actually a 2 piece. Quite a while back, I removed the bottom piece and think it looks tremendously better and provides more clearance for the reason you mentioned...


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5 hours ago, M1ck3y said:

Removed the front air dam, not interested in plowing snow with my truck this winter. I'd take a picture but.. Well, we all know what an air dam looks like.


You do know that has a function right?

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Wow, well that backfired. I guess pictures are needed.


I only removed the lower air dam. In the summer I put it back on. You can get severe overstear with high speed cornering, and overall driveability is affected.


Yes, I am aware of what it does. It ensures a low pressure area under the vehicle so that hot air is drawn down and out. In turn this pulls air through the radiator.


Cooling isn't as efficient with the lower air dam removed but it still functions. If you have larger tires with a level/lift your likely not to notice or need be concerned about the handling differences. 




I forgot to add that the reason for the difference in handling is because the front air dam creates down force. 


I actually get slightly better fuel economy with it off. Truck feels lighter.


But I could also blow the tires off if I floored going when going 100 kmph (on cooler days).

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No pictures, but


* Got Denali cluster back from WAMS and installed

* Ebay blue CAI

* Steering wheel controls functioning, Stinger Heigh10+PAC kit configuration finalised


And confirmed a bunch of what I speculated as far as exactly how the steering wheel controls work.


The cluster uses a dedicated LIN network (between cluster and steering wheel controls only). Audio controls are then passed from the cluster to the media system via the MOST network. Two separate incompatible networks, with the cluster acting as a man-in-the-middle translator. A WT mono colour screen cluster does not have this LIN network, and the harness to the cluster does not have this wire populated.


The PAC came with a T harness to connect to the clockspring, to connect to the LIN wire of the steering wheel controls. However, just tapping into the steering wheel controls alone was not enough. The reason is because the cluster sends a message to the steering wheel controls via LIN to wake them up. Most devices that use LIN in the GM world, need to be told to wake up. It appears the GM51 PAC module fails to send this wake up message. I had no functionality of controls with the Heigh10. Since I still had a WT cluster, it was not until I installed my Denali cluster and connected the steering controls to the LIN on pin 20 of the new cluster, that I got them working with my Heigh10 through the GM51 module.


Looking at another thread here on GM-Trucks, it seems other brands of interface kits have the same issue.


3 mods to check off, many more to go :)



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