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My 2014 with 4-inch BDS Lift and 35" Toyo Tires - No Trimming!

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Here is a teaser pic before the sun went down. I will post more pictures here tomorrow but this should confirm for everyone that the BDS 4-inch lift kit plays nice with 35" Toyos (barely!) and no trimming was required. I also added the upgraded Fox 2.0's to the rear with the install.


For those interested the measurement from the ground to the middle fender was 37" front and 38 3/4 in the rear before the lift kit and wheels were installed. After the install both are 43 1/2". More pics tomorrow.


2LZ Z71 4X4 6.2L Max Tow Sunroof Summit White






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Here are some more pictures:          

Here is a teaser pic before the sun went down. I will post more pictures here tomorrow but this should confirm for everyone that the BDS 4-inch lift kit plays nice with 35" Toyos (barely!) and no trim

Got it today

Posted Images

Looks good, I assume those are 9" wide rims with a +25 or +44 offset?


When you getting your front windows tinted to match your back? That would sweeten the white/black/chrome appearance you got going on.

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The truck looks great. I have been trying to figure out what kit I was going to put on my denali when it arrives.
I had been emailing bds about their 4" kit which I assume is what yours is.
How did you like the kit overall? Quality? I"ve heard good things about BDS but have not used them in the past.
If you did not have those wheels/tires would the truck look terrible on stock wheels/tires?
I ordered my truck with 22" wheels and now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do. I really hate to throw away $3,000 on wheels to get new ones to fit the truck better if I go with the 4" lift.
Do you have any other photos of the truck? I really like it and am about 99% convinced that's what I want. I am just trying to figure out the wheel/tire issue. I do mostly highway, very little off road so I don't really want super aggressive tread cause it gets wearing when you do 50K miles per year on blacktop.

I had considered the 2" kits but they just aren't enough. I'm trying to get the Denali to the same height as my tundra that has a 3/1 level. Since the denali starts a few inches lower than the tundra stock the 2" kit just doesn't do it. I know everything is about aero/fuel economy these days but I was really disappointed at how low the denali sits when I saw one in person.

Also, did you do the fox rears or front coilovers or just the stuff that came in kit and what remained stock?
I'm very interested in the set up you have as its most likely what I'm gonna get.
Truck looks great. If I didn't drive so much highway I'd be copying yours exactly. Really sharp.
How is the ride characteristics? BDS told me it wouldn't be too bad with the 4"

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Hi all, and thanks for the compliments! I will get more picture up here later today, but to answer some questions:


1. Absolutely no rubbing yet, but I have driven very little. I will follow up here if anything changes.


2. The step bars are the stock 4 inch. I figured since I was going with the 4 inch lift instead of the 6, that I should get the 4 inch step up bar too!


3. Definitely love the idea of getting the front window tinted! I also have black bow ties that wifey got me for Christmas that I need to get on and I had a Line-X premium done, so the window tint is a no-brainer. Good call!


4. Here is the official offset and everything we went with suggested by BDS - Fuel Maverick Wheels 20X9 (offset 20) 5.75" backspacing, Toyo Open Country MT's 35X12.5X20, and the BDS 4-inch for 2014 4X4 with the Fox 2.0's in the rear.


5. I absolutely love the kit and so does my installer. He is one of the best in Southern California and has hundreds of magazines in his office showcasing his work and he thought BDS was the highest quality so that's what we went with. Plus, they advertise a "No BS Warranty" and they are in my home state of Michigan, so it made sense for me. If you look at my avatar picture you can see the truck with the stock tires and wheels or you can email me jeffw at techarmor dot com and I can send you better versions. The ride is great! I have noticed a little bit of a rumble when coming to a stop and taking off, but that's to be expected with the Open Country's and it also feels kid of cool! The funny thing to me is that the truck doesn't seem that tall until you are sitting in it! I couldn't imagine what a 6-inch lift would be like, but I am really happy with the 4.


More pictures coming later.

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That is a good looking set up. I am sold on Bds. I'm gonna get the fox rears and the adjustable coilovers. I don't see them on their website yet but in our verbal communications I was told they have coils to go with the kit if I really wanted them.
I'm searching like mad to see if I can find anyone with a 4" lift who retained stock wheels.
The lift is what I want. I'm just stuck with the wheels. I like the gmc wheels I ordered on the truck. I realize with 22" i'm sol trying to find different size tires. I was hoping that just doing 4" would allow me to keep the gmc wheels without it looking ridiculous. I may be wrong. There must be someone who has a 4" lift on stock wheels right? I know I'm better off with smaller wheels and bigger rubber and I'll probably wind up having to do that. I figure for 3k that I already spent I'd like to have them on for a few miles hopefully.
Other than looking bad, are there any true issues to be had from using stock wheels?

Real nice set up, keep us posted as you put on miles how you like it. Sounds like a winner.

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