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99 silverado 1500 dash cluster problems?

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on my 99 Silverado my cluster will flicker (speedo will go from 65 to 0 then back to 65, fuel, volt, coolant temp gauges will also drop to 0 then back to where they should be, digital computer center and milage/gear select will shut on and off this happening all at the same time!!! it will do this all the time, and at times it will work just fine.... I got a rebuilt motherboard (if that's what its called) off ebay and had it programmed, just put it in and it does the same thing, anyone else had this problem? im not sure if its just the rebuilt board is bad too or if there are other causes to this? want to check out other possibilities before sending rebuilt unit back! this is a work truck so not worth paying mega $$$ for dealer to figure out



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I purchased a new, 2003 Silverado SS style gauge cluster from an online outfit. My speedo would stop working and the language would cycle through english, spanish, french... on the DIC. I checked with the company I bought mine from and they would not even take mine as a core; not worth rebuilding.


I am very happy with the new cluster. I removed mine and let it sit until the new unit arrived (about 4 days). Gave them my mileage, rear differential, engine, year, etc. and they set it up perfectly.


I was able to get it with the Silverado SS white face gauges (a nice improvement in interior) and very bright red Denali needles to go with the Fire Red exterior paint. Cost me about $450 (I know, a lot but I wanted a nice gauge cluster). Even got an oil temperature gauge where it was blank in orig cluster.

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I can't say that it is definitely the cluster unit itself but that sounds the most plausible. If it is, I've had really good service with Digital Dash Solutions. This gentleman lives in my state and does an awesome job. His work is fantastic - from the actual workmanship to the customer service. You could just get a replacement cluster from him for a reasonable price and send yours back as a core. He will match up your mileage and has a bunch of different configurations to choose from. I upgraded my stocker Denali cluster for an Escalade one... the initial lighting didn't match what I hoped for but he worked with me to change that around and I'm a pretty happy camper. Just a thought...

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99 2500 - yes it was same thing... i was told that the ground was under the dash i looked all over couldnt find it, took it to local auto repair shop and they found that it was behind the engine and not under the dash (ground wire pulled out) reattached it and no more problems!!

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