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HVAC Mode door actuator removal, 2002 Suburban

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Ok, does anyone have first hand experience with the removal of the mode door actuator, on a 2002 Suburban, with manual A/C?

I'm beginning to think this was installed first and then the rest of the vehicle built around it.

First off, have tried doing the resetting/recalibration maneuvers with no success. Temp works fine. Vents are stuck in default mode, coming from

defrost vents only.

I have been able to visualize and remove the bottom screw for the actuator, but the top one appears to be impossible to get at, let alone remove,

Due to a large metal frame member for the steering column, there is no way I can get a 1/4 drive and socket on the screw. I'm thinking the

only way at this is from above , requiring the dash to be removed. Unless I'm missing something, which has been know to happen, I'm stumped.

Have seen other post where steps were listed for removal, but it doesn't mention how to access this last screw.

Any info /advice on this would be great!

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I've done this personally, DO NOT take the dash apart, that is wasting lots of time and effort. It takes about an hour to replace and is a son of a *&^%$ to get back in right, just deep breathe when the anger builds up, or go shoot bottles or something to prevent you from taking the anger out on the truck :) to get it out, remove the foot heater pipe and the wiring harness to the motor. Then remove the bottom screw on the motor, then when you get to the top screw, stick either a deep socket on it or a regular one with a small extension and turn with a pliers if you cannot get your ratchet in there. After a turn or so it should be able to be turned by hand, then pull the little bugger out of the crevice it lives in, paying attention to how it sat in there. Then get your new one and make the little nubs that stick out of the valves line up with the grooves on the motor, and install screws in the reverse order (that part sucks) then perform calibration again and youre good to go!

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Was finally able to get at that last screw and removed actuator. Only problem was the black plastic "cam" that moves the doors came out with it. Is there any trick to

putting it back in? Better to attach it to actuator first, or get it lined up in place on hvac box, then install actuator? The only good news is that since I removed the old

actuator, now have air coming front vents instead of defrost!

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 I was able to get the Cam and actuator out but I cannot for the life of me reinstall it correctly so that the blender's work and air comes out of the vent strongly again. I'm only getting the default position and I've tried the reset with no solve

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