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New Atlanta, GA member - 2014 GMC Sierra 6in lift 35's


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What's going on GM truck forum? I'm new here and I'm from Atl, GA. Bought a 2014 Sierra All-Terrain last year and had to make a few changes to it already.... (love the new styling of these trucks.)




6inch fabtech lift

Fuel Nutz wheels 20in

Magnaflow Exhaust

Amp Research Power Steps

35in Toyo MT

Full Kicker System Coming soon :)


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Looking good what is up with that snow in ATL

I will tell you this... it completely shut down the entire city for 48 hours... nobody has 4 wheel drive down here... It's pretty but it makes everybody down here CRAZY.

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Thank you guys!

I love the Toyo's... very little road noise... smooth ride... I have had zero problems in any weather condition with them so far either.


I also have 10,000 miles on them already... looks like they are going to last a while.

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How does your exhaust sound in the v4 mode?

The exhaust definitely has a different tone when it drops down to v4. It is noticeable but it isn't something I would complain about. When cruising and the truck is goes from 8 to 4 the exhaust is louder (in the cabin) in the v4 than the v8 (not much... I don't really notice it like I did at first). Overall I am happy with the MagnaFlow system on these trucks. Not too loud at cruising but has an aggressive tone when accelerating.

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