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2013 Silverado Camera Wiring - Crew LT





I have a late model Silverado Crew LT. I have a free high definition camera that I'd like to install as a back-up camera. I have a replacement bezel with a spot for the camera; and I'm using an aftermarket navigation/radio package (Advent OGM1) ready to accept camera inputs.


Question: does the factory wiring harness in this truck contain a camera + and - running from the rear of the truck into the cab? I have a couple of wiring harness diagrams, but I'm struggling because the wire colors don't match what I'm seeing at the bundle of connectors at the rear of the truck (tucked up beside the spare). I'd certainly prefer to avoid having to run wiring if it's already there.


Despite numerous inquiries I've never gotten a definitive answer. Some folks say "yes", but can't identify to wiring correctly. Others say I have to pull my own. In between is the right answer. It's hard to believe GM would have different harnesses and not include the wiring; but I've seen stranger things.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!




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I've seen doors wired for puddle lamps and it didn't have them, I agree , it should be there but ya never know . Go over it again and see , I doubt someone will answer here , good luck


The tailgate would have the wiring somehow right ? Idk , or like ya say the bundle protected by the spare

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My 2010 Sierra SL did not have the harness from factory, If you got the OGM1 from Walt at ADC mobile, contact him about getting the cable that runs from head unit to camera, with the plug in the cable at tailgate to body spot on cable.

Not sure about connection on camera though, you will want to discuss it with Walt to ensure you get the pinouts correct.

How many cameras do you have? Care to sell one? I am looking to add a camera to the front of the truck, tired of trying to guess where the bumper is in relation to the car parked front of me. Truck is long enough already without having 3 feet of the box hanging out in the laneway of the parking lot because I did not guess right.

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No wiring in the tailgate, but it's drilled for the camera with a plug on both the tailgate and the body frame. I count more wires in the harnesses that I can explain for the back-up sensors, lighting, etc.; this leads me to believe wiring it there. I have what I think are the right factory diagrams, but they are hard to decipher and don't seem to jive with what I see in the truck.




Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I did get my OGM1 from Walt - an amazing guy. I asked him one but he didn't know; that was a while ago so I'll try him again.


I got the camera as a sample so I only have one, but these are super cheap. You can find them easily on eBay if you search for this: "Sony CCD Mini Car rear view Camera LED auto backup reverse for car GPS" - they run around $15. It's a 480 line camera, but I've found it actually puts out 600 lines. It comes with LED night illumination which is effective for around 5 ft. It comes with a swivel bracket which is pretty neat. This is almost identical in size to the factory camera and with slight modification pops right in to the bezel on the rear of my truck.

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