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2008 Avalanche intermittent no start condition

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Well, I got one for all you guys, this is really has me stumped.


My truck: 08 Avalanche 4x4, 5.3, 82K miles


I have a situation where the engine will not start sometimes. I turn the key, power comes on to the accessories, but the starter won't engage.

I have a new good battery, so that's not it. The funny thing is, it won't start when you try to jump start it either. I put the jumper cable on the battery positive and the ground clamp on to a stud on the engine block. There is no battery draw-down from the doner battery vehicle, and no 12v snap when you hook up the cables that you typically see when you jump start someone.Turn the key - nothing, just accessories (radio, guages, fan etc) come on. No click from the starter solenoid. I took the battery out, had it tested (was good) put it back in and it started right up.


This past Tuesday, when I tried to start to go home, wouldn't crank. We tried to jump start it without success, so had it transported to my dealer. As soon as they off loaded it, it started right up, just like normal. It has been at my dealer for 2 days and they cannot reproduce the problem. They have driven it around, tested cables for shorts, but have found nothing. The regional tech has been contacted, but still no solution.


I have noticed one thing that may be related - If the truck gets wet from rain, then the door chime sounds tinny and the radio speakers have a distortion until things dry out, so there has to be some corrosion on some circuit somewhere.


Thanks for any help you can give!


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cant fix anything when its working ,,,,,what codes did they find ?


this is a waste of time and all speculation and misinformation helps no one ...im sorry ,,,truck is started by a computer anyways soooo ,,you're done doin it yourself


not sure what ya want to hear sir


i love Avis and those rims !!!!!


i'll buy it off ya but for cheap cuz its broken ,,,,,lol


what i should say is that the condition you described is nothing you can do about until it happens again ,,,it requires indepth electrical diagnoses and experience ,,,,


i hope i did not offend ,,,

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