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***need help*** 2.5 level with 3"spindle lift components

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I have a 08 rwd sierra 1500. I am searching for all the parts needed to do a 2.5 level kit with the 3" spindle lift as well.


I have all parts such as:


3" spindles

Skyjacker shocks (have not bought yet in case I find better ones)

Rear blocks with new U Bolts

Rc 2.5" level kit



***what I am looking for now is the upper control arms. I have been looking everywhere for the "right" ones needed for awhile now and can't find them. The closest I have got were the Rough Country upper control arms for the 3" lift kit the sell. I talked to a representative on the phone and they weren't any help at all. Would those be the correct UCA's for the job?


If anyone has done this lift or knows where I can buy them, please send me a link to the exact spot online where I can make the purchase. All help is greatly appreciated!

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Save your money and get a good lift... Those kits just damage the front end and handle terribly. The type of kit you are looking at just cranks the angles really far and damages CV's and ball joints as the front differential and suspension components stay mounted high while you drop the wheel. Get one that drops the front diff, was new spindles and relocates control arms. Like the rough country 5 inch. You will be happy in the long run even though it cost more.

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I don't know too much about the lift but I'm going to take your word for it. I can see where your going/what your saying about it so I guess I know what I'm saving up for!

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I know on another forum there are many people with 2wd running spindles and a level with the rcx arms with bilstien 5100 shocks and say it rides better then stock plus the ground clearance is a thing of beauty. I my self have a set of spindles, 2.5 level 4" block and add a leaf with bilstien 5100 rear shocks. Still trying to find time to put in the spindles and blocks.

I know there are a few running the Ebay arms for 180 that are red that says they are fir a 3"level.

I have a set of spindle source spindles, doetsch is another brand that's good for a reasonable also maxtrac is another brand.

Lift spindles keep factory angles and geometry so if you add a leveling kit to it is basically like having stock suspension angles with a level by get the height from both. The UCA's help correct and make alignment better because of the leveling kit that's installed.

Lift spindles are only for 2wd unless you by a actual lift kit with differential drop and cv spacers. I know cts and I think bds use lift spindles to get their hieght vs a big as spacer on top of your struts

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I missed the 2wd part... that makes your plan more viable as there is no cv worries. It is however a better idea to go with one that relocates and braces the front end to compensate for the added height.

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Is it really necessary to install rcx upper control arms on my 2014 Silverado with 3" spindle and 3" body lift I want to add a 2.5 inch leveling kit on top of that would I be fine with stock upper control arms?


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