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Hey guys. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado EcoTec3 5.3L Regular Cab and I want to build it to run decent track times. Decent meaning at least 11's. I don't really know much about the 5.3L and I would really like help on what should be done to run times like that. What cam? Intake? TB? Head swap maybe? Will even consider Turbos, supercharger, or a procharger. Also rear gears, will tranny hold up at the torque needed? Can I do this without messing with the bottom end at all? I'm open to anything and everything. The truck will not be driven on the street very much, I work 100+ hrs/wk but I'd find time to take it to the track. Thank you.

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Yes, go turbo'd. Twin's to be exact. You will hit 10's with the right set up easy! :thumbs:

What would I need to do to the engine or tranny if I turbo'd it? Anything?

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What would I need to do to the engine or tranny if I turbo'd it? Anything?

In a simple answer, everything. Pistons, rockers, springs, rods, crank, injectors, I dunno, everything lol. Tranny would definitely need to be upgraded if you planned on big numbers. A soft number would be around 15-20K if not more?!!? I have personally never done such high mods before so my answers are not the most professional lol.

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When you start talking about those times, the whole driveline, end to end and rear suspension would need work to stay together. Why would you start with a 5.3L? The 6.2 heads flow a lot better and you have the extra displacement from the larger bore. I'm guessing $10k would get you in the 11s , maybe double that if you wanted it to last. Assuming you're paying for labor. Pushing 5000 lbs + of steel that fast takes a lot of dough. You can buy an old late 80s Honda Hurricane 1000 for about $1000 and go that fast.

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In this almost year old thread the OP already had a single cab 5.3. A supercharged 5.3 would go a long way toward the performance he was looking for in his single cab. If you look up the web sites of venders the have done both engines the hp difference between the two is not that much. As far a truck to use as a platform the money you save to buy a nicely equipped 5.3 over 6.2 equipped truck would more than pay for the mods the op was looking for. As far as lasting I have a 92 Chevy truck stroked with a whipple s/c with 15lbs boost with one rebuild still going strong.



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