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Oil Change- 3k, 5k? or when my display tells me to?

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I've got 3,500 miles and normally I'd be heading in for an oil change. However, my dash display is at 60% life. I feel like waiting another 3k or so I'm going way too far.
What do you suggest?

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do people seriously still change the oil at 3k miles? Just wait until the dash tells you too. In my last truck, for 10 years I changed it everytime the dash told me, never an earlier, heck i was deployed one year for 7 months, i went something like 13 months between the oil change

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You can pay to have it changed whenever you are comfortable. The dealer will only change it at 15% for free

Some dealers will change it free whenever you want during the first 24 months until you reach the mileage limit. My service manager said GM changed their position on this because they realized that those with low mileage would not receive their 4 free oil changes in 24 months depending on the miles they drive. In my case I have them change it every 6 months. Not wanting to start a controversy here since there is another oil change opinion thread...

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I am very old school (maybe because I am OLD) but I have learned to adjust to the modern lubrication benefits..


I had the opportunity in my career to go to a Lubrication Engineering school (1 week long conducted by a major speciality oil company) and learned a lot.. basically, you can use gorilla piss if you keep it clean and cool.. but the advantages of synthetic oil is huge compared to petroleum based oil..


After I returned from that school, I changed the oil in my NHRA Supergas Roadster to Amsoil 0W30 in the 427 BBC engine and never had an engine problem in the next 10 years of racing turning the engine to 7500 every pass.


With all that said, I run a 2007 GMC CC 4WD 6.0L VortecMax PU, 115000 mi., a 2009 Tahoe LTZ 4WD L9H 6.2L, 38750 mi. and a 2014 Tahoe LS 2WD, 14000 mi.


I change the oil on all of them when the Oil Indicator gets to 20% and I use Mobil 1 in all of them..


I picked the 20% as that is what the dealer told me I had to get to on the new truck to get the free oil change. They charge me the difference for the Mobil 1.


Just my 2c worth..


Good luck,



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I took mine in for the second free oil change. I explained the majority of miles were short errands, ect. The service guy gave me some static..."according to GM's schedule it's too soon". Me: "GM has their schedule, I have mine", so they did the oil change. I'll do my own from now on, not worth the hassle plus I know it will be done right (clean funnel, primed oil filter, ect.) and no oily hand and shoe prints to clean up.

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the 2014 trucks use a synthetic blend oil that needs changing less often then regular oil.


if you use regular oil you void your engine warranty, if you use full synthetic you void your engine warranty, so you can only use synthetic blend oil until your warranty ends or you don't care about loosing it.


dealer told me if I don't put enough miles on my truck they will replace it every 6 months regardless of mileages.


I cant remember what he said it was but I think the read out goes by 6000 or maybe 8000 miles per oil change warning


I used full synthetic in my 1998 Silverado and replaced oil every 10,000 miles and it still ran like new when I traded it in and it didn't ever have dark or really dirty oil even going 10,00 miles per oil change

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