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Help me make my 89 K25 look and run BA!

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Hey Y'all! I've got an '89 K2500 scottsdale (bright red with a new paint job) that has been in my family since it rolled off the lot in '89, and its totally stock. and now that it's been handed down to me and I've got a steady job, I wanna make her more respectable as a bigass truck. I'm pretty much leaving everything open and up to discussion, but some must-haves are:

-OR capability. My friends have a little OR club and there's some great trails not too far from here.


More or less, lets all talk about what might make this truck really great. I can upload pics later, but my phone is acting up and won't send me the pics to my computer.

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I'd run a 6" suspension lift and 35" tires. That will help the BA look and offroad performance. And, if you don't have any type of locking rear differential or limited slip in the rear end already, I'd look into that too. For sound, I'd ditch the catalytic converter (if your state allows it) and run 2.25" true duals with 12" or 18" glass packs. That setup sounds awesome (at least to me) on the older TBI 350's.

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For off road performance, locker is your #1 priority. If you're on trails you'll probably want 35" tires and a lift to fit them. A winch wouldn't be a bad idea either. Fire extinguisher, good chain, good gauges are nice too.


Exhaust is fun and all but if you really want to wheel I'd worry about making it trail ready first. Tons of stuff will break and it's good to just run it and see what it really needs IMO.

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