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Have u filed for Lemon Law about a 2014 Silverado/Sierra?

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Has anyone here filed a lemon law lawsuit about a 2014 Silverado/Sierra?


Did GM offer a settlement before the court date? If yes, did you accept the settlement offer? Would you share the details?


Has anyone actually had to go all the way to court with a lemon lawsuit against GM? If yes, did you win? Who paid your attorney?


Did you file for arbitration, BBB Autoline or similar, before filing lemon law?


Please share any details that could help the next person that may be looking at doing the same thing. Thanks for any help.



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Lots of views. No replies.


I filed with BBB and the BBB process got me another repair attempt after my dealer refused to look at it any more for the vibration.


Next is the final repair after sending a certified letter to GM, then if still not repaired, lemon law.


If anyone actually has filed a lemon law lawsuit against GM, could you share your thoughts on the process?

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It's possible (probable?) that if you do settle, part of the agreement is a "keep quiet" clause. I settled with a company once upon a time regarding a product defect and part of the agreement was not to mention the company or the settlement.

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I guess its possible that they may demand a non disclosure agreement as part of the settlement.


Can anyone even say that they cant say anythng because of a settlement agreement?


I mean, saying "I cant say anything" would say a lot.

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It's possible (probable?) that if you do settle, part of the agreement is a "keep quiet" clause. I settled with a company once upon a time regarding a product defect and part of the agreement was not to mention the company or the settlement.



This fella is an attorney here in MI that specializes in auto litigation. It's a 20-minute podcast/overview of the process. I have no dealings with him, he writes for Jalopnik and he used to own a duce and a half, which is pretty cool.





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This fella is an attorney here in MI that specializes in auto litigation. It's a 20-minute podcast/overview of the process. I have no dealings with him, he writes for Jalopnik and he used to own a duce and a half, which is pretty cool.






It's pretty cool if you're up front driving, riding in the back for miles/hours, not so much!

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Havent updated this thread in a while. The final repair was unsuccessful. More tire balancing and false declarations that it was fixed.


I notified BBB that I wanted to continue my complaint and finish with the Autoline process and go to arbitration. Waiting for the wheels to turn and get me there.


Once I finish with that, if GM hasnt stepped up with a buyback offer by then, lemon lawsuit.

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Had a buddy with a '14 silverado that vibrated at 72mph and up. The dealer had it longer than he did. They did all the tire balance, rim and tire change stuff. Nothing worked. They checked joints and still nothing. They were done messing with it and he was told the speed limit was 70 so it shouldn't be a problem. He told them that he just wanted out of the truck because of all the issues and it didn't feel like his anymore. He was told he could trade it out at a "used vehicle" trade. That was B.S. They finally figured out that it was the yoke going into the rear-end.

We were at lunch a few days later and a dealer buddy told me of the Regional GM reps being at his dealership at the time. Vibration problem buddy went and parked himself at that dealer and asked for the GM rep by name. Got a meeting. After meeting with the GM rep he was told it would be taken care of. Rep called his dealer and it was all solved FAST. He even payed a little extra to get the CC. The dealer settled and ate the loss on the "used" trade to get him out. If they did a refund; they would have to file the truck with problems and disclose to the next driver.

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  • Similar Content

    • By TLalli
      I purchased a 2021 Silverado Crew Cab High Country 4WD about 4 months ago from Watson Chevrolet in Tucson Arizona. Within week of driving the truck I began noticing some pretty strange sporadic things happening. I started video taping the issues when I could to document what was happening.  Ticking noise coming from the engine when cold starting, sporadically have hourglass on stereo saying “loading” it would continue until the engine was turned off and back on then it was OK. “Park Assist” Error message sporadically popping up while driving down the road, Horn honking (three short honks) for no reason while sitting in traffic at a red light. At 900 miles I reached out to the dealer and told them these concerns and issues I was experiencing. The service manager explain to me “the truck has a lot of technology and it just needs to learn your driving habits, you just need to keep driving it”
      At 11,000 and 3 months after purchasing I get the loud lifter noise, “Service parking brake”message, “steering assist reduced” message, “Service ESC light” and “check engine light” I drove it into the other dealership located in Tucson (O’Reilly Chevrolet), they keep the truck for about three weeks and “replace lifters on one bank and 1 bent push rod” and tell me that they couldn’t duplicate any of the other issues however they did a firmware upgrade and everything should be fine. One week after getting the truck back (11500 miles) I get another check engine light, Keep in mind I can still hear the lifters ticking when starting it first thing in the morning. I take back to the dealer after a week of a being in the shop, They tell me “The check engine light was because there was multiple cylinder misfire and it was the opposite bank from the lifters they replaced” however they can’t duplicate the problem so there’s nothing they can do. They admitted that the computer had logged over 200 misfires on one cylinder and that’s what made the check engine light turned on, then they go on to tell me they can’t duplicate the problem so there’s nothing they can do. I asked them about the ticking noise when starting and the tell me “that’s normal, it’s not lifter noise you’re hearing, it’s the new technology fuel pumps GM is using that’s making that noise” 
      Other issue I have had is the rotors on all four wheels at times will turn blue and discolored as if the brakes and her have been completely overheated. But it’s not the entire rotor It’s only the center inch of all rotors. The inside edge and outside edges look normal. 
      I have a purchased over 11 band new (Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota) Trucks in the past 30 years this is by far the worst freaking vehicle I have ever purchased.
    • By John Sloane
      I purchased a new Silverado High Country 11/21/19 from Crews Chevrolet. This was my fourth new car purchase from Crew Chevrolet since 2014. I have been assisted by Ian Kozak on each of these purchases. Ian did a good job as usual and Michelle did a great job with the financing for this Silverado as well as my 2019 Camaro ZL1 1Le that I purchased 9/12/19.

      My concerns on my purchase are relating to the following issues:

      1. It turns out I purchased a “Loaner” instead of a “New” vehicle. It had 501 miles with obvious signs of being driven before. I thought I was purchasing brand new vehicle. When people drive “Loaner” they drive it like a Rental Car.

      2. As Ian was finishing transferring my License Plate, I discovered an old worn out Floor Mat lying in the bed of the truck. It was obviously from a “Trade In” vehicle. The Floor Mat was severely dirty worn and had a hole in the bottom near where a Heel would normally rest while driving.

      3. The truck had not been cleaned prior to delivery. There was noticeable dirt on the truck and the bed was dry. There was visible dirt in the front corners of the bed liner. The tires were shined, but I believe that was the only detailing completed by the Detail Shop.

      4. As I started the truck up the "DIC" indicated the truck was due for servicing as the Oil Life indicated 0% remaining. I mentioned it to Ian, and he advised it was probably due to the age of the oil, because the truck had been on the lot for a long time. The Odometer indicated 501 miles at time of purchase. I checked the oil later and it indicated low oil level. I added 3/4 of a quart to bring the oil level up to recommended level.

      5. I got 23 miles up the road on my out of town trip and my "DIC" indicated Low Tire Pressure. I advanced the screen to the "TPMS" and discovered all four tires were very low. I am forwarding you the picture I took of the "TPMS" Screen indicating the front tires had 30 psi and the rear tires had 27 psi. The recommended Tire Pressure is 36 psi for each of the four tires.

      11/22/2019 I called and asked to speak to Mark Milroth who is the Dealership General Manager. I was greeted by his Voice Mail, so I left a brief message explaining I had purchased a new 2019 Silverado the day before and had several concerns about Dealer Prep issues. I left my name and telephone number as well as advising I would be sending him an email. I never received a call back or a response to my email. I also sent a Cc: to Ian Kozak a copy of the email as well. I did not receive a response from him either.

      11/29/19 My Navigation System stopped working. A message on the Navigation Screen indicates “Nav SD Card Removed”

      12/3/19 I was greeted pleasantly by Ansley Bailey at the Crews Chevrolet Service Center. A technician looked at my vehicle and advised they would have to order a new SD Card Reader. I was told it would take 3 – 5 business days for the part to come in and she would be calling me as soon as the part was in and schedule me an appointment to bring my vehicle back for the repair. As I got in the Silverado, I discovered a cell phone in the seat. I gave it to Ms. Bailey. She stated a Service Technician must have left it in there.

      12/7/19 My Driver Information Center “DIC” stopped functioning. The DIC Screen controls on the right side of the steering wheel no longer functions and the “DIC” remains on the Trip 2 screen. It was working normal the next day when I started the truck.

      12/11/19 I called Crews Chevrolet Service Center to Inquire when my Part was expected. I was advised the part was already in and I should have been called by the Service Advisor. I set a Service Appointment for 12/13/2019 at 1:30 PM

      12/13/19 I arrived at the Crews Chevrolet Service Center and was greeted by Service Advisor Ansley Bailey. I told her I have a friend who purchased a new GMC Denali and was experiencing the same problem with the Navigation System. The Service Department at McElveen Buick GMC in Summerville determined they SD Card was malfunctioning, and the entire “Lot” of SD Cards were corrupt and were ordering him another SD Card. In about an hour she advised me the truck was not fixed yet and the problem was not the SD Card Reader. She said they were ordering a new SD Card and would need me to come back in next week to try the new SD Card and have it programmed. She made an appointment for me for 12/16/19 at 1630 Hrs. While there I asked another Service Advisor to look up my 2 vehicles and find out how long they had been on the lot prior to being purchased by me. It turns out my Camaro had been on the lot since March of 2019 and my Silverado had been there since September 2018.  I told him my Silverado had a 0% Oil Life Remaining message on my “DIC” when I accepted delivery. He agreed with me that the truck needed an oil change when I drove it off the lot. My issue is that I have brought this to the attention of several employees of Crews Chevrolet and no one has offered to have an oil change completed on the vehicle. Crews Chevrolet knows a customer drove off with a brand new $61,000 vehicle needing serviced, but no one seems to be concerned.

      12/15/2019 I did a “Remote Start” off my “My Chevy” App. I went down the road for about ¼ mile and the following warning lights were lit on my dashboard: Check Engine, ABS, Traction Control and Brake. I had the following messages on my “DIC”:

      a.      Brake System Failure 62 MPH Top Speed

      b.      Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive with Care

      c.       Trailer Brake System Failure

      d.      Service ESC

      I could tell my brakes and steering were compromised, so I pulled over to the side of the road and shut the truck engine off. When I restarted the engine all the messages and warning lights went off except for the “Check Engine” light. The brakes and steering seemed to be working as normal. I received an email from OnStar indicating an issue with my Antilock Braking System had been detected. Before I got home, I experience a complete Blackout on the Instrument Panel. It came back in about 3 seconds.

      12/16/2019 I called Crews Chevrolet and spoke with Service Advisor Ms. Bailey who has been my Service Advisor and explained my latest problem with the Silverado. We changed my appointment to Tuesday 12/17/2019 at 1500 Hrs so the Technician would have more time to trouble shoot the problems. She advised she would set me up with a Rental Vehicle since I would probably need to drop the Silverado off for a couple days.

      I did another “Remote Start” off my “My Chevy” App and received above same messages on the “Driver Information Center” as well as the same Dash Lights. I had to shut off the Silverado and restart it 3 times before the messages and lights went off with the exception of the Check Engine light remaining on.

      12/17/2019 I arrived at the Crews Chevrolet Service Center. Ms. Bailey promptly greeted me and took my keys. Later she advised the new part did not correct the problem. She went on to say the Shark Fin antenna had been discovered to be a little loose and that they would correct that as well as seeing if something was wrong behind the radio or maybe if the actual Radio/Navigation unit was defective. She said I would need to leave the vehicle for further diagnostics, but she had a new Malibu for me to drive. She said she was setting me up with the Rental Car for 2 days. She made a copy of my credit card, driver’s license and insurance card and then told me someone would do a walkaround of the vehicle with me in a few minutes. In about 15 minutes a gentleman and I did the walkaround of a gray Malibu. He handed me the keys and went back inside. The car did not start. I went back inside and found the same gentleman and told him it must be the wrong car. We went back outside and did a walkaround of a white Malibu 2 parking spaces away from the gray one. He apologized for the mistake. I drove away.

      12/20/19 I was called by Service Advisor Ansley Bailey. She advised my truck was ready. I picked it up about 30 minutes later. Everything seemed to be working correctly.

      12/22/19 I discovered a leak in the rear glass on the Driver’s side. It was raining and leaking near the top corner and dripping to the back of the seat and down on the seat. I drove home parked on an incline in my driveway. I got a rag to clean up the water and left a dry bath towel on the back of the seat under the leak to catch the dripping water. After a couple hours I went out to check on the leak. The top of the towel was wet, and it appears the leak is dripping on the towel about every 8 - 10 seconds. I cannot pull the truck in the garage, because the length of the truck prevents the garage door from closing. I cannot leave the garage door open with my garage contents unsecured. I emailed this document to Mr. Milroth requesting he contact me as soon as possible and provided my phone number.

      12/23/19 I called the Service Department and was advised Ansley Bailey was off, but I would be connected to Terry. I reached her Voice Mail and left a message to call me as soon as possible.

      At 0820 Hrs I called the GM Customer Service number and voiced my concerns about this vehicle and unsatisfactory customer service e from Crews Chevrolet. I asked for the Area Manager of this area to contact me and provided my phone number. The Customer Service Representative told me the Area Manager was Richard Bell and that he would call me about my concerns. I was then provided GM Case #9-5716967849 for future correspondence.


      At 0940 Hrs I had not heard from anyone, so I had to take time off again from work and head up the Dealership. The leak in the rear glass was severe enough, I had to change the bath towel twice before 7:30 AM. Terry called me as I was about to turn into the Dealership parking lot and I told her I would be at the Service Center in a couple minutes. When I pulled into the Service Bay, Terry was with a customer, so I just let her know I was in the High County with the leak and would be in the customer waiting area. At 1035 hrs she came to talk to me and took my keys while explaining she was getting a technician right on it, but it would be 3 – 4 hrs. It would have been nice to have been offered a Loaner. I could have gone back to work where I really needed to be. I do understand a Dealership cannot always provide a loaner vehicle though. My truck got finished at 1510 Hrs and Terry advised me not to open the rear sliding window for at least 24 hours. Terry did a good job and was very friendly as well as professional.

      12/24/19 While driving I discovered the Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Alert, Following Distance Indicator as well as the Automatic High Beam were no longer working. The Tailgate Power Lift does not work from the Key Fob. It lowers but does not raise. It will work from the control in the truck.

      12/25/2019 I did a “Remote Start” off my “My Chevy” App. When I entered my truck and pressed the Start button the same warning lights as before were lit on my dashboard: Check Engine, ABS, Traction Control and Brake. I had the following messages on my “DIC”:

      a.       Brake System Failure 62 MPH Top Speed

      b.       Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive with Care

      c.       Service Trailer Brake System

      d.       Service ESC

      I shut the truck engine off and restarted the engine four times before the “DIC” messages cleared and the Instrument warning lights went off except for the “Check Engine” light. I received an email from OnStar indicating an issue with my Antilock Braking System had been detected. Before I got home, I experience a complete Blackout on the Instrument Panel. It came back in about 3 seconds.

    • By Kookin
      Rear brakes randomly apply  , when this happens I can not go any faster than 5-10 mph . I have been to 5 different dealerships, no one knows how to fix it . When they give it back to me , all they have done is cleared the check engine codes and say it’s fixed.I have spoken with gm priority care with the senior advisors on multiple occasions to get it replaced or repurchased but have been given the run around. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I currently waiting on that. This truck is great when it works and a hot stinky turd  when it is not. Should have waited for the 2020.
    • By Justin Opinion
      Actual photo of my brand new 2018 Silverado High Country. It's been at the dealer for about 2 weeks now - still has the temporary tag on it. I asked them to look into the vibration in the steering wheel. Haven't seen it since. I think the dealer is doing what they can and trying to fix it. But they don't seem to be getting any support from Chevrolet/GM. Nothing like replacing that new car euphoria with a good swift kick in the balls.  #Chevrolemon

    • By POS High Country
      We have a 2015 Chevy High country. We have 65,000 miles on the truck at the moment. The front drivers side wheel hub assembly went out 2 weeks ago, the AC compressor fan sheered off 5 days ago, the engine has a ticking noise and the transmission has shifting problems. The tranny problem has been "fixed" 3 times. We are still having issues obviously.  Wondering if any others have had any or all.of these problems. 
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