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Wheels and Tires-OEM vs Aftermarket

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My good friend (an F-150 owner) told me that if I was going to get rims, I should always go OEM manufacturer with it instead of going after market. He said, "aftermarket rims look ghetto". I went on Chevy's website and they have a couple of sets of 20" and 22" rims that I REALLY LIKE. Haven't seen anything comparable on line. Does anyone know of any sweet aftermarket rim companies? I don't want to get the Chevy OEM's cuz they're SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!

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It's all opinion....


Some of it based on horror stories.


The aftermarket industry drove the OEMs to put aluminum wheels on all vehicles. If it weren't for aftermarket, we'd all be driving around on these.



Pick your aftermarket brands carefully, with references.

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I see it as what you like more. With anything I say to always go with a known company. Some style rims look "ghetto", but most rims made for trucks aren't. Plus aftermarket gives you so much more to choose from and you can also look for certain offsets.


I also agree with spurshot, if it weren't for aftermarket rims then we would still be getting steelies with hubcaps or 16" or smaller rims. I personally don't like the big 22s, but more people like them for a daily driver for looks. I'm actually glad my '14 came with 18s and when I get black rims for it I will stick with 18s (partly so I can just get the tires moved to the new rims and also to me it's a happy medium between good sidewall and a good size rim size).

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When I had my 98 with 16s I had planned on just getting newer 18" OEM rims. This '14 I do want XD Rockstar II rims, but I've also wondered what the stock rims would look painted black (not plasti-dip, actual wheel paint). But also those rims that I want with the bolt pattern and size I want comes in either +30 offset or 0 and I may go with 0 so they stick further out. That's why I say aftermarket would be better if you want a certain offset. If you like OEM offset then other OEM rims might be better.


These rims :




or my stock rims painted black (only did the front wheel for easier comparison):



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I've had quite a few sets of aftermarket wheels over the years and not one problem. in fact, I can only recall a minute number of posts regarding out-of-round wheels that were immediately replaced. As far as looks go, the sky is the limit. Regarding oem, check eBay for take offs and replicas. I've also owned 2 sets of GM replica wheels and they're every bit as good as oem. The bottom line is get what you like and don't give it a second thought. You have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

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Great! Love all the awesome responses! Thanks you guys, ALL YOU GUYS for chiming in. Still undecided on the rim selection, but at least now I have some better perspective. Won't need to make a decision for a while anyway...rims and tires are $$$!!!!!!!! :nopity:

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