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2014 Sierra/Silverado 4X4 Off Road Performance

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Has anyone put their rig to the test with some off roading or driving in heavy icy/snow conditions?

If so, have any pictures or videos?

The Sierra 4x4 and traction systems are marketed to be impressive, would be great to hear if the systems perform as well as GM said it would like in their promo videos?



Where I live in California, the most we get is some heavy rains and light mud, but I plan to take some trips to the mountains for some skiing and will maybe see how well it does.


Came across these GMC promo videos from Latin America showing the Sierra All Terrain doing some cool stuff.

Obviously staged to some degree.







Will driving with 4WD auto in the rain cause problems to the system?


Avoid driving in four-wheel drive on clean, dry pavement. It may cause your tires to wear faster, make the transfer case harder to
shift, and run noisier.

Also, I saw this sentence regarding 4WD high in the Sierra owners manual.


While in Four-Wheel Drive High,
the vehicle can be driven at any
posted legal speed limit.

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I shift to 4 auto when i need grip from a stop. i use 4 High when plowing snow. I've only gone through about a foot of snow in 4 Hi so far with no issues. I took the front plastic air dam off to give me some extra ground clearance.

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Thanks for the replies, and recommendations on using 4-auto.

We've been getting a lot of rain the last week and the roads are slipppery.

I don't know if it is the 'all weather' Goodyears this truck came with, but I seem to be getting a lot of rear slip on wet pavement when taking corners at even moderate speeds. So I thought I might try the 4-auto.

I typically drive on Michelin LTXs MS2.


Stallion, that looks like some serious muddin there lol.


I drove through some really saturated mud yesterday in 4WH, the wheels on the right side were sunk into about 10 inches of thick mud.

The truck slowed down and seemed to be getting stuck, but then I assume it was the auto-locking diff that adjusted the power to the other side and I started to dig my way out onto more solid ground.

The real test will come when I hit some snow in the Sierras.


Here is a good video talking about the locking diff tech that GM uses.


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I have used mine for a month now in snow and I can only compare it to the two Dodge hemi Rams I had before this Sierra (a 2004 and 2008) , but I am quite happy with the traction capability of my 4 x4 Sierra. 5.3 l, 3.42 gears.

The Ram Hemi had same type of traction (and very similar tires) but the throttle response was so quick that you would spin your tires even on wet pavement too easily without meaning to. So it was squirrelly on snow unless you were very careful with throttle.

The Sierra has ten more horsepower than my Hemi did , but the throttle response on the Sierra is more reserved and that is good in the snow (not so good if you want to show off) ...but still has the Horsepower when you need it (eg passing).

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I've had my truck on ice/snow 3 or 4 times since I've had it over the year. So far it has done well every time, but I also chunked the stock GY tires and went with a more aggressive tire.

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Glad to hear the trucks are performing as expected.

They are aren't cheap, and people buy full size trucks with the idea they can handle diverse and rugged conditions, especially according to GM's marketing claims.

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To me, having 4wd is like having A/C. I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Today's trucks and SUVs have nearly identical ride heights and fuel mileage whether 2wd or 4wd. Furthermore, if the extra initial cost deters someone, they probably don't need to be buying a new truck to begin with at that time.

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I've driven off-road a bit here and there. The latest and most harshest time was when I went to Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Park over Thanksgiving. The parks are basically a desert. Their trails are very rugged and rocky. The truck handled beautifully. But then again, the truck was over $40,000 so it should be expected to handle well. Be careful if you ever go out there because the trails can be very confusing and the unmaintained ones will scratch your truck up really bad. I have a guy who does paint and body work who is going to get really nice gifts for his daughters this Christmas on my behalf.


Also, if you plan on going off-road a lot, I suggest you get a lift for your truck. The trucks ride a little low coming out of the factory. I have the Rough Country 2.5" lift. It's cheap and easy to install. You can also buy bigger tires to get you an extra inch or so. I did the trail with stock tires and they handled admirably.


I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures of the truck in action. I didn't really care to take pictures of it. I have plenty pictures of the desert scenery if you're interested.



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