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Service Brake System Message

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The story goes back about two months I was driving and thanks to a guy in a Mercedes I had to slam my brakes really hard and go from 45 MPH to a dead stop in the shortest distance I've ever seen a full size truck stop. My brakes did exactly what they're supposed to do and I was really impressed because my truck stopped 6 feet before destroying the foreign SUV. However since that happened I now get a message on my odometer that says "SERVICE BRAKE SYSTEM". Logically it would be the brakes but I know my brakes are fine because they don't squeel or vibrate when I stop or anything unusual. I get the message when I'm accelerating or suddenly take my foot off the gas pedal. When the problem started it wasn't that bad but now it's getting really bad.



Here is a youtube video of my driving to work yesterday morning taking my foot off the acceleator.


It's starting to bother me because I live 45 miles from where I work and having that dinging going off when I'm driving to and from work is very annoying. I already threatened to trade my truck in to go back to a Ford because sometimes that works lol. All kidding aside though, any and all input is greatly appreciated.


Thanks you guys in advanced!



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Stop by an auto parts store and see if there is a code in the ECM. Free and easy. Otherwise, your good deed may cost you a visit to the dealer...I wouldn't let a regular shop work on a problem like that.

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I got that message after having to slam on the brakes in my 05. My brake fluid was low, topped it off and never saw it again.


Have you checked fluid level?

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