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2014, Silverado, 6.2 Z71, at approx 36k miles in January of 2017 I noticed a ticking from my engine bay, passenger side, which was never present before. Couldn’t hear it from inside the truck but from the outside it was definitely noticeable. No codes or noticeable change in performance during my daily commute. Local chevy dealer had it for a few days, and I can’t find the documents right now but they replaced a bent push rod and I think 2 lifters, I believe cylinder #4 was the main culprit. No more tick after the warranty repair. Fast forward to 12/18/17, 48k miles and the tick is back. Currently at the dealer AGAIN waiting for an answer to confirm what I believe I already know. Also potentially of note, dealer changed the oil approx 3 weeks ago. Update coming soon... hopefully. 

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Got my truck back today. Tech confirmed cylinder #4, intake push rod was bent, replaced. No other issues noted. Tick is now gone.

Any ideas why this push rod may have bent, specifically without lifter failure?


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