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Bilstein shocks thread

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2 hours ago, Amcguy1970 said:


Go ride in a new Full Size SUV from GM with adaptive suspension and air ride, you will probably think otherwise. They rode nice back in the day but were a little floaty over larger bumps which off set the nicer ride on the smaller stuff (don't forget cars back then creaked and rattled over bumps). Our 2021 Yukon Denali is amazing at how well it rides. We have had all the GM flavors over the years including a 1975 Pontiac Grandville (talk about a massive boat with a 455) to Bonnevilles and Le Sabres/Park Avenues until switching to vans/suvs and trucks the last few decades and this new SUV rides incredible compared to anything else. 


I would not be surprised if on the next gen the trucks adapted a IRS from the SUV's for the high end versions or the half tons as one of the engineers pointed out it was tough enough for truck stuff. With all these suburban dads buying the box checker trucks not to tow and haul but just drive to work and complain about the ride, well something like an air ride IRS with adaptive suspension will fix those complaints (until they start complaining about not having massaging seats or some other luxury car feature). 



I seriously doubt the ride is as nice as that old tahoe….or buick roadmaster, or a host of other 90’s boats.


I mean it’s pretty damn easy to design a suspension to be good at one single thing and suck at everything else. Also, tahoe had air suspension too….courtesy of the 5” smaller wheels than your denali.


I suppose I can’t really be sure without driving a new denali, but I’d seriously doubt it.


I’m not knocking your denali, it’s better than an old tahoe in like 999/1000 categories.


me saying the tahoe rides better than your denali is kinda like saying a 25 year old civic with cement poured in the water jackets and a 350shot of nitrous can beat a lambo in a rolling drag race. While technically true it’s not really relevant.



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I just got off the phone with Bilstein and found out the 5160s have a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately, I'm just over that from the time of purchase but they haven't been installed for 2 years. I'm hoping to hear from the dealer to see if they can help before pulling the trigger on a pair of 5100s that have a lifetime warranty.

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Looking at replacing my rear shocks and going back and forth between the 4600s and 5100s.


The 5100s seem more popular but several post on here describing a trampoline feeling with them. I do mostly highway driving with very little towing. Any advice or suggestions?


Not looking to ever lift the front or rear. I live in the south so not much issue with salt. Currently have the Z71 pink ranchos



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As I posted on your other post regarding this

"I'd go with the Bilstein 5100s.
Before I had them installed, on my lift, the stock shocks would bounce the truck over small speed bumps.
With them, it's been much, much better as I can over speed bumps with very little jounce and I watch trucks behind me jouncing as I used to.
That said, as @Grumpy Bear mentioned, there are many choices at many different price points. "

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On 6/6/2021 at 9:07 AM, summitcounty99 said:



Anyone think the Bilstein 6112 series shock would be to much for just a simple replacement over the original Rancho shocks? I do not plan on lifting the truck; just asking and researching what other people have done and are happy with.






I had factory ranchos and was always happy with the ride.  Hit 100k and needed new tires so figured I'd get new shocks too since I'd heard that was about their lifetime and I could see the rears were rusted badly.  I've had 6112s (set on stock height) and 5100 rears for over a year now and am still super happy with them.  Them and the Blackbear tune are the best money I've ever spent on mods.  Roads around here are awful, and the 6112s eat up potholes and bumps like it's nothing.  I didn't measure before/after but I know for sure the front shocks lifted the front end of the truck after install, and it settled down a lot but fairly certain it's still higher than stock but a negligible difference.  I'd recommend them to anyone.  Can't speak for their longevity obviously. 

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59 minutes ago, stevejones said:

Not normal.  Best to get the front end in the air, then manipulate the control arms with a floor jack & see what's moving that shouldn't be.

It doesn't happen every turn. Im sure i won't be able to replicate it in the air. I cant make it do it when I want when driving.  The thunk sounds like my 06 Silverado that had the uca bushing pop out and in

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On 10/10/2021 at 4:22 AM, JRRIVERA34 said:

I put 5100 shocks on my 2016 at 800 miles. It now has 4k miles. I have a metal clang sound on drivers side and deep thunk sound on drivers side when I turn. Is this normal for 5100 billsteins?


If you or whoever did your install did not use the factory Top Nut on the shock this could be where you're at noises coming from. The ones supplied by Bilstein do not have the built-in washer flare that the factory nuts do. Search this thread and you will see it mentioned. 

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On 10/11/2021 at 8:19 AM, Grjfer said:

If you or whoever did your install did not use the factory Top Nut on the shock this could be where you're at noises coming from. The ones supplied by Bilstein do not have the built-in washer flare that the factory nuts do. Search this thread and you will see it mentioned. 

Can it be identified with out removing anything? 

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