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Calling all leveled/lifted trucks with All Terrain factory 20's

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I have a 2018 crew cab 2wd, 1.5 motofab level. I’m rubbing sway bar with 275/60r20’s. Only happens in forward while turning hard left. Doesn’t happen hard right, and no rub in reverse.


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I think this is a good example of why leveling/adjustable shocks like bilstein 5100 & eibachs kit are superior to the cheap puck style level kits.


i have run the bilsteins @ full height + 2.25” (+1”) rear blocks & 275/60R20s for 50k miles & while I do have the slightest rub @ full lock on sway bar- there is no contact whatsoever w/ the A-arms. This was the case when I ran 275/65R20 as well (I went down in size due to weight not b/c they didn’t fit)


i didnt look at the multitude of other posts but you can clearly tell the A-arms are put @ altered angles from the ball joints.


this is a pretty clear cut example- I may have totaled my ‘15 if I get another I’m running the same setup.


granted the OP is running a wider tire also- spacers may alleviate the situation? I still think the A-arms look like they’re gonna chew up your ball joints tho

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So, question for you about your spacers. With those 8mm plates there, any issues grabbing the hubcentric ring with your wheel during mounting?

I know this was a year ago but I was looking for an answer to this. I went ahead and bought the 8mm or 5/16” spacers. Found them on eBay for $30 shipped, good quality machined aluminum. I just needed a little more spacing. With the 8mm spacer there was still roughly 2mm left on the hub of my 2018 for the wheel to contact and plenty of lug nut turns.

I tried 1” spacers that were lug centric. No issues with them or the quality but they pushed the tire closer to the fender.

I would not go bigger than 8mm with a spacer unless you go with the style that includes studs like the 1” ones I tried.

I hope this helps someone else someday.

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