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02 Chevy c2500hd conversion to 4wd?

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I'm new to this forum, and would like to know about converting a 2002 c2500hd to 4 wd. It has a regular cab short bed with the 6.0 vortex I don't know the tranny type. I would like to know what I would all need to do to convert it to a 4 wheel drive truck. I do not own it yet, but am looking to buy it. I own an older Chevy truck that I did a rolling frame swap on it so I know what I am doing I just haven't done a 2wd to 4wd conversion. And would I need to change the computer in it.

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Money is not a factor I know what the truck is worth and I can get it cheap, every thing works on it so if it all goes to shit I can part it out and make my money back. I would like a more in depth list of parts not every single part that I would need, but gear ratios, tcase part number, drive shaft lengths, if I need to change any wiring harnesses. Because I'm obviously not going to be able to find a truck part out with all the stuff, not having been sold.

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I at this time possess two of those "Money is not an object" projects, they are not my projects but they belonged to someone else who got in to trouble doing something and needed someone to "finish" their projects. Unless you have room, time, buckets of money (that you want to throw away) I would just bite the bullet and buy a 4x4 instead of building one yourself. Your desire to complete this project may help, the "I did this" but most of the time when they are finished its like I would never do that again!!!


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I own a 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2wd and I was too far upside down in it to make it worth trading for a 4x4, I spent 6 months and found a Chevy 2500HD 4x4 that had been wrecked but still drivable, bent frame 3400 dollar investment and sold the engine, two wheel drive trans and other parts, ended up having to buy a drive shaft because my truck is a 143.5 inch wheelbase and the one I bought was shorter also had to buy the shift linkage for the transfer case.

Make sure you get a manual shift transfer case to avoid electronic problems, and stick with the same transmission type for the same reason. The 4x4 frame had front differential mounting brackets that the 2wd did not so I cut the top bracket off and welded it on mine the lower cross member also has mounting provisions on it for the differential so I swapped them, the mounting on the right frame rail is an aluminum bracket on the IFS has 2 studs that slide through and bolt to bushings in the right frame rail, the rear hole was there but the front was not so I took a holesaw and removed that from the old frame and welded it into the new one for the most part the front diff mounting was the hardest part of it. as far as wiring there was a sub harness that connected to a plug under the fuse block that oddly enough was on my truck as well from there it went down to the actuator on the front diff and the other end plugged into the transfer case and it pretty much had an ext for the factory speedo actually just got it completed this past Saturday, I'm not sure how close that'd be to an 02 but let me know if I left out a detail... oh and look at the RPO codes and make sure the gearing is the same otherwise that'll be an added expense for regearing as of right now I've got about 2500 into this project and still have some parts to sell

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