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8spd transmission owners who have attempted repair step in here

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OK going to set some ground rules here.


I have emailed the chief engineer over the GM truck division with the concern on the new 8spd transmission issue. He copied my email to the engineer over the 8spd transmission. That engineer has asked me to provide him some info.


With that, if you have taken your truck to the dealership in regards to your 8spd transmission not shifting correctly and the dealer performed some sort of repair that did not resolve the shifting quality of the transmission (either a calibration or a whole transmission replacement) then I need the following info and I will email it back over to the engineer. Then he will review the repair order that the dealer inputted into the GMVIS system and make sure the dealer performed the correct repair procedure that GM has listed for the 8spd transmission.


Name the truck was brought in for service under


Dealership that performed the work


I am not promising anything at all and this info is completely voluntary, with that I am hoping the engineer will be able to get your concerns resolved. Every new vehicle and or major component change will have teething issues. Sure GM logged hundreds of thousands of miles in test vehicles but sometimes issues don't come up until things are put into actual production.





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