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How-To: Install Replacement Speakers In Front Door 1999 1500.


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My front speakers ( non bose) were really sounding BAD with the bass set anywhere but minimum. I took them out to find this.



So I ordered some kenwood kfc-p709ps from amazon for $65.



I removed the door panel and removed the stock speaker assembly. The speaker and mount assembly is released at the top by pressing down on the tab and pulling assembly out. Then remove the grill from the door panel. Do this by straightening the tabs on the back side then the grill pulls off the front. I left the stock tweeter on the panel and drilled out the factory tweeter mount from the front side. you don't need to remove the nut to do this. This pic shows the drilled out mount.



Then cut off the tab located next to my thumb in this pic.



Then from the front side, push the threaded stud on the new tweeter thru the hole drilled earlier and attach with wing nut provided with speakers. I fed the wires from front to rear around the edge of factory tweeter.



I used the mounting ring provided with speakers and removed the three longest tabs from it. They are still on the ring in the next pic. I used the crossover harness also provided, It is the harness hanging loose in the pic. the actual crossover is in the shrink tubing. I also bought the wiring pigtail from amazon to make connections easier. The package they came in had a chart with all the wire harness color codes printed on it. Nice touch. There are large and small connectors in the harnesses so you cant reverse the wires accidently. The black and white harness is the pig tail.




I centered the woofer in the factory opening and drilled four holes and used screws provided. I forgot to reinstall the grill but got a good pic of how the finished mounting looks.





All I can say about the finished results is OMG!! the sound is better than expected. For a stock system, this rocks.



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