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Firm Shifting?

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Hi All,


I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 CC SLE, 4WD, 5.3. I love everything about the truck except the soft slow shifts under acceleration. These aren't an issue most of the time because my days of driving balls to the wall every time I get behind the wheel are long gone, but the few times I decided to punch it off a red light it is just depressing to feel it lose all the power in the shift.


So that being said, which tuner (or tuning shop) has the best program for getting the 6-speed to shift nice and firm? All the research I've done on each of the major tuner brands focuses on the power numbers, which I am less interested in. All I want are firmer shifts.


Thanks for your help!

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Thanks! I've seen BlackBear mentioned in many of the threads here so I'll look into their offerings a little more in depth.


I'm a complete noob when it comes to who's who in the GM performance land, I've tinkered with Mustangs since the late 90's so that's where my knowledge base is. Even as a die hard Blue Oval guy the GMT900 was just a better truck than the current F-sieres IMHO, and the deals they were offering when I bought it were icing on the cake...yes I'll take a better truck for less money, thank you!. It is my bone stock dd/family hauler, but now that it's paid off and the warranty end is in sight I'm getting the bug to dig into it.

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