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2016 Camaro is all-new, not a refresh


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camaro headers 2016.jpg

John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com


When the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro drops May 16th fans should expect to see a completely new vehicle. This according to GM and Chevy, who are hyping the upcoming reveal. GM is using the catchphrase "New from the bowtie to the spoiler" to assure fans this is not just a trim and wheel type of refresh.

The new Camaro will be built on the GM Alpha platform (ATS and other models). Every fan of GM should stand up and applaud that GM even has a front-engine, rear-drive platform given the past ten years events. The fact that is possibly the world's best such platform is almost too good to be true. Many brands like Honda, Audi, Lincoln, and Acura don't even have a rear-drive, front-engine platform.


As evidence that the Camaro really is a new vehicle Chevy announced that 20% of the 6.2-liter, V8 engine's components were specially made for the Camaro (as opposed to the Corvette or CTS-V). GM also says that fully 70 percent of the components in the new Camaro are unique to it and not shared with other Alpha platform cars. In other words, it is not an ATS coupe with a cheaper interior (not that we were worried).


The new Camaro is exciting for many reasons. The car might benefit from a slightly smaller exterior and the outgoing car simply dominates the global performance coupe field, so the prior generation exits a winner. The Camaro is more than a match for anything even remotely similar in price, and that should continue.


If this writer may interject just a bit of opinion here, isn't it time GM stopped with the "Designed to compete with premium European brands" language? Let's be honest. European brands are now trying very hard to compete with the Camaro, CTS, ATS and many other great GM cars. Things have changed.

camaro headers 2016.jpg

camaro headers 2016.jpg

camaro headers 2016.jpg

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