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FS: 22x9.5 Fuel Hostages with Toyo Open Country AT


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I am selling my Fuel Hostages. They are 22x9.5 and are 18 offset. Tires are 305/40/22 and are about the same overall diameter as the stock 275/55/20. These fit any recent Chevy 1500 or GMC Sierra. They also fit Tahoe/Surburbans and Yukons. I have a 2014 Sierra and they fit both before and after my leveling kit was installed.

6 Bolt lug pattern

The tires have about 10k miles on them and are worn evenly. They are balanced, and ready to go. I am including the lug nuts as well as the TPMS sensors so this is ready to be installed.


Price: $1500.00 local sale prefered

Location: Indianapolis, IN


16835580148_f521db42f3_b.jpgIMG_2221 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


16835581148_e593337787_b.jpgIMG_2232 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


17021900932_60b0928442_b.jpgIMG_2224 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


17023343745_3b41bd52f9_b.jpgIMG_2223 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


16835821260_da9a467afc_b.jpgIMG_2222 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


16837141109_5041859b8d_b.jpgIMG_2226 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


16835585798_6a26220e61_b.jpgIMG_2230 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


16835586938_a00bd96ca8_b.jpgIMG_2229 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


16837144259_ab314ab19a_b.jpgIMG_2228 by FST ASLP, on Flickr


16835588848_15af76ed16_b.jpgIMG_2227 by FST ASLP, on Flickr

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