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Opinions on Zone UCA's for 2014 Aluminum Suspension

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Since I installed Rancho Quicklifts one of the gripes I have had with them is the clunk you get when going over speed bumps. I have narrowed it down to the fact that the shocks want to extend further than the upper control arms are allowing it to. I have checked and my upper control arms are not hitting the metal stops.


I am guessing it is either the ball joints or the way the control arms are bolted on that stops them from fully drooping to where the shock wants to. When I installed them I only disconnected my sway bar, while on jack stands with the sway bar disconnected it was at it maximum droop and I still had to pry the shock up to be able to fit it in and bolt it up. The ranchos are longer than stock shocks, so its similar to a level kit in the sense that it's trying to top out the suspension when going over big bumps.


I have seen some people having issues fitting the Rough Country control arms so I'm wondering if anyone has installed the Zone Offroad Control arms. Also I have aluminum control arms, I have read this changes something to do with the ball joint.



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