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Looking to replace the hitch on the truck in my sig. The original one is rather rusty and a bit sketchy. Any recommendations on which hitches I should consider? TT weighs around 7500 loaded.

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It looks like the Curt 15324 may be the only game in town. I don't about best, but I've always been happy with Curt products. That particular hitch doesn't come with a mount for the trailer plug, if you want one you'll have to fabricate or buy one.

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That Curt hitch seems mighty beefy! Looks like the one I will most likely go with. Going to inspect the factory hitch first just to see what condition it really is in.

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Just because the factory hitch looks ok, if it is a round tube design (it is the same style as the trucks, right?) it can actually twist when you hook up your wd bars depending on your tw and hitch adjustment. Actually watched it happen w/ my '10-1500 factory hitch.

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    • By Bcoyle21
      I am currently in the market for a camper and I am wondering how much weight I can tow. I have 2019 Silverado 1500 RST 5.3 V8 crew cab short bed. From what I can find online I should be “okay”, but really wanted some feedback from those of you that have a similar setup. I am aware the 2500 is the ideal setup, but that will be down the line a bit for me. 

      Truck Trailering Info:
      GVWR 7100lbs
      GCWR 15000lbs
      GAWR RR 3800lbs
      Max Payload 1819lbs
      Max Tongue Weight 960lbs
      Curb Weight 5281lbs
      The camper I am looking at has a dry weight of 6300lbs and GVWR of 9,480lbs (no intent to load our camper down or travel with full tanks). Hitch weight of the camper is 680lbs. 32’ 11” tongue to bumper. Really only looking at going camping within 100 miles on the weekends.
      We typically travel light with basic necessities for hook up campgrounds (clothes, food, chairs). 

      any help would be great!

    • By Jacob D
      Hello everyone! I just recently purchased a 2021 Sierra 1500 3.0L which will mainly be used to tow my center console around to local lakes and to Florida a couple times a year. I did NOT get the max trailering package mainly due to a mix up and having to switch trucks because someone purchased the one I went to look at and I didn't notice (yeah). 
      My boat is a 24' center console and weights about 2500lbs, plus around 800lbs for the engine, around 800lbs for fuel (105gal tank) and the trailer. My best guess is between 4,500-5,500lbs. When towing to Florida the rear end sagged quit a bit. I picked up some Airlift 5000 air bags and compressor hoping this will resolve the sagging but now I am wondering if it will help at all. We used to tow with a 2018 Tahoe that had the max trailering package so it had air bags on it already. To be completely honest, I do not know exactly what the 9.76" rear axle and 3.42 axle ratio in the max trailering package will help which is what comes in the max trailering package. I know it has heavy-duty rear springs as well which I figure would of helped with this sagging.
      Will I be creating problems with the air bags? Obviously I don't really want to trade in the truck already for a new one due to the lost money on having to pay taxes twice, not to mention the loss in value from having 2,000 miles on it already.

    • By PBrown1
      I just bought a 2020 Silverado 1500 with a Duramax 3.0L. Eventually I plan to buy a travel trailer to pull behind it. I would like to hear from similar owners about their experiences travel trailering. How big is your trailer? Weight? Comments and experiences? Thanks.
    • By Brandon Raphael Mattingly
      So I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 5.3 3.42 gears with towing package(not NHT).  I have installed Bilstein 5100s on all four corners. Tow mirrors being shipped as we speak. Air bags are up next.  Here is my dilemma. My wife has her heart set on a Forest River Vibe 32BH.  It is 38 feet long, dry weight of 7400#, cargo capacity of 2300# and a hitch weight of 930# fully loaded.  I don’t plan to ever haul with full water, and I highly doubt I ever put 2300# of gear in it. We plan on towing it in our local area with 1 trip a year from Virginia to New York.  I will also be the only one in the vehicle when towing as she and the kids will go in our van.  Just want to get some of your thoughts on this setup. Thank you. 
    • By Brizzo Jenkins
      So the Chevrolet owners manual says to not tow a 4 x 4 vehicle with a single speed transfer case with “any“ wheels on the ground. It says to use a flatbed tow truck only. I will always do what Chevy says, as to not void my warranty. But, I can’t conceptually understand in my brain why I can’t tow my truck in 2-wheel drive with the rear wheels lifted off the ground and the front wheels on the pavement rolling. As long as my four-wheel-drive is not engaged, why would my front wheels do any damage to the vehicle? From my understanding, when the vehicle is in 2 Wheel Dr., the front differential is disconnected from the transfer case and front drive train. Why would this cause damage? 
      inversely, couldn’t I  disconnect the rear drive shaft and tow it with the rear wheels only on the ground?
      just seems weird that Chevy says “no“ to absolutely any options with towing with wheels on the ground. I mean, how the hell do they expect me to get it on a flatbed tow truck without “pulling it with wheels on the ground”. Just a thought. Maybe someone with more knowledge of the Single speed  transfer case linkage/ 4-wheel drive system can advise.  
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