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Ground Wire/ Transmission / steering issue

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Hello everyone, I could use your help/ opinion on something. I have a 2013 Silverado 4x4 Crew Cab, 5.3L LT with 26,000 miles and its still under warranty. I recently have been noticing some issues. When turning at slow speeds I notice the engine lags for a second and then is fine. Today I noticed if I swerve at slow speeds going both directions the same thing happens. Does this sound like a ground wire issue. Not to sound stupid but would this affect the transmission and shifting in the lower gears? I'm also experiencing rough shifting once in a while.


Has anyone had any similar problems?




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No its not locked, its only when I'm moving at slow speeds. Example: I'm making a LEFT hand tun going 5-10 mph. It will lag for second or two until I straighten back out.


Take it in , doesn't matter if anyone else has the same thing ,


Don't go and diagnose it for the tech , he's a big boy

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