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Any Feedback on a Rancho Add A Leaf Kit

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Anyone have any experience and feedback on a Rancho Add a Leaf Kit part #RS60645

This is for my 05 Sierra ext cab Z71.


I have 3" blocks in the back with factory springs and shocks. Torsion keys are cranked in the front to almost max. I've driven the truck like this for about 8 years, ~140,000km. Springs are getting a bit week, no thanks to a couple long haul heavy loads and am now routinely sitting low in the back with the tent trailer and a little gear in the back. Lots of gear and I'm sitting too low.


I can afford another 1" of lift in the back dry but need something to help with weight when towing or with heavy loads in the back. Ideally helper bags would be the way to go but they are just too far out of my budget.


I'm assuming a single spring is not going to destroy road comfort too much but lets be honest it's a truck and I use it as a truck to haul stuff. From what i've read expect about 1" of lift, It's a bit more rake than I'd prefer but I may be able to crank the torsion bars for another 1/4"

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Don't crank the bars any farther, you're going to really be pushing the limit of your front suspension components and the ride.

Get rid of the 3" block, replace with 2" block and get the BDS add a leaf kit. Higher quality than Rancho's leaf kit and it will give you a little more lift.



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Had a closer look at things this weekend. I don't seem to have any horrible angles on the front end components yet but the drivers side key is nearly maked out. The passenger key still has some room but I agree with BlackZ71Silverado, I'm close enough to the limit on the front end in it's current setup.


I've received decent reviews for a local spring shop so I'm going to swing by and see them before ordering a leaf kit. The way I see it my options are

1. Add a leaf kit, BDS or Rancho. May or may not remove the 3" block

2. Have a spring shop add a leaf. May or may not remove the 3" block

3. Replace current springs with a set from a 2500 truck.


I rechecked the measurements this weekend and I'm nearly completely level. This isn't good for towing. I want at least a 1/2 rake. I think i was somewhere around 1/2 when I originally leveled the truck.

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