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GMC shows off updated 2016 Sierra


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I usually like GMC designs but Honda called and wants their Pilot back:












Not sure what your eyes are seeing but the resemblance is 0 to none imo. Other then the grill taking the same basic shape in the lower section but not the same in overall size or appearance I see nothing that looks alike.

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Funny I like the redesigned Silverados (did not like the 14-15 when compared to the GMC) but don't really care for the redone GMC.


LED tails are kinda neat. But I prefer the nose on my 2015 (phew!). I don't care about Apple CarPlay and from the reviews I've seen, it's not all that impressive anyways.

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nice, the LED movement.

I dropped 40 amps swapping 33 bulbs.


Got 20 more on the way, decided to try a different brand in the dash (which is already LED - still experimenting).


if you tow things you would notice the old school alternator gauge snap and drain once trailer lights are on. I notice nothing anymore..even on a 20 year old truck.


oem 100 amp alternator...and that is the little one.


they are sure showing confidence with those low profile treads.. not sure I like it.

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I thought it sounded pretty nice. Hopefully GM will improve the location of the DEF tank though, that is a big sour spot for most of us Diesel enthusiests. Looks like they were up in Summit County, Colorado and possibly up on top of Loveland Pass.

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Waiting for the rest of the story! New colors coming...no more white diamond replaced by white frost-On Buick now. Would like to see the red replaced by crystal red tintcoat. How about keyless ignition? Personally I like the GMC changes and the new Silvy looks better too. Get rid of the ghastly brown in the High Country please. Popcorn


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I know it's all a matter of personal preference, but I think the grille on the 2016 Denali is hideous - much prefer the SLT grille to either of the other two. That said, I think the new Chevy front ends look way better than the new GMC's.

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So, are they going to add the push button start to the 2016 like I have on my Tahoe? I want the same driving safety features added as well, like on the Tahoe.

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I just saw a '14 Silverado for the first time last week, in a Wal-Mart parking lot of all places. Looks better in person than the pics I've been seeing lead on.


That said, these '16's look pretty good too, although the bumper looks like plastic coated with chrome - the whole thing looks delicate to me.



Looks are only one small part of the package. As they say, "Chrome don't getcha home"! Hopefully they put as much effort into making these things RELIABLE, especially considering how ridiculous the pricing has got the past few years ... :noway: Sticker shock central ...

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Looks like there will be power running boards on Denali. You can see in the video. That is one nice feature, which was missing before.


LED headlights & power running boards. I wasn't expecting those two before 2017. It is nice that they are putting those this much early.


Great truck!!!

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