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Hello all,

I have been a lifelong Ford driver, but am ready to switch. I have no reason, other than the 2016 Denali is a great looking truck and I no longer need my F250. I am wanting to get a 2016 Denali with the 6.2 and 8 speed transmission, it seems like a home run and modestly priced.

I have always leveled or lifted all my previous trucks, but none has ridden as well as my Carli F250 or F150 Lifts F150. Is there a company that offers a F150 Lifts style leveling kit for the 1500 GMs?
All the F150 Lifts is a aftermarket coil over suspension. The coils do have a higher spring rate than OEM, giving a firmer ride but not harsh.

I have used puck or coil spacers in the past, and never again.

Thanks for all the help.


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Thanks for the link.


Thanks for the welcome.

And my comment about price was possibly poorly worded. For what you get (6.2, 8 speed trans, 4x4, luxury interior, etc) a Denali is moderately priced compared to a F150 Platinum.

I have been reading up about the mag ride suspension and love the reviews. The complications with leveling mean less and less the more that I hear about the ride.

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