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Axle seal Replacement 1999-07 Silverado/Sierra

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I only did the driver side on my previous truck (06 Sierra) and it was really easy. I didn't even need jackstands. Just remove the axle to flange bolts, popped out the flange and then the seal (carefully prying of course) and then reverse order for reassembly. From what I've seen on Youtube videos the passenger side is a little more involved. Just search for Chevy axle seal replacement and it'll be one of the first videos that pop up.

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please post how it goes. I just discovered a leaky axle on mine yesterday, but it should still be under warranty as I just bought it a week ago

yeah for sure man! ill post up how she goes, its really not a big deal on these trucks, most of them leak at this spot, I've been running a leaky seal for like a year now and it works fine, just tired of it shiting oil all over the shop

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Not sure if you've done the job yet but as stated above the drivers side is simple. Pop the shaft out and replace the seal. However the passenger side can be a pain if the c-clip on the axle does not want to let the axle shaft out (which they normally don't). I don't even bother trying I just go straight to taking the shaft housing off the diff. It's only a few bolts. There's a spring and a gear in there for the actuator that will come out too. Then you can remove the c-clip and take the axle shaft out. You'll need some silicone to seal up the housing back to the diff. Assemble everything the way it came out and you'll be golden. Make sure to blow out the diff vent hose, a clogged vent will pop seals constantly.

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Alright so got the time to do both seals a few weekends ago! they've held up nicely and work awesome!, Drivers side is super easy as explained by wilsonZ71, good few taps of a hammer and the CV axle pops out revealing the seal, passenger side is a bit of a B"", dropping the split axle from the front can take some time cause the bolts are well hidden up on the top side, side note make sure you don't ruin the shim under the snap ring when you beat the cv axle out. other than that, bit of gasket sealer and some degreaser to clean everything up and your laughing.

Was gunna post up pictures but this video defiantly explains it better than I can!



Part 2


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