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knocking coming from front suspension (Strut Area)

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About 3 months ago my 2014 Z71 :chevrolet: Silverado developed a metal on metal knocking sound coming from the front suspension area.

Round 1 with the Chevy dealer... I was told my the knock was the strut mount bolts were "not tight".

-- The knock promptly returned the next day.... :fume:

Round 2 with the Chevy Dealer... it was discovered that the "lower insulator" on the passenger side strut was cracked. parts have been ordered...

-- I will have an update on Friday after the repair is completed.. :driving:





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is this all out of your pocket? I tried to have them fix my popping noise in the front end under warranty and they said no because of the level (2.5" rough country).


whats the situation when it knocks? turning the wheel? constant knocking? forward or reverse? like fondupot said, that part thats cracked is just a plastic seat for the spring to sit on. i doubt that would create the knock sound.

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I bet it's the ball joint. Several people here including myself have had them fail already. I have a 2 inch level as well and my dealer didn't give me any trouble.


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I bet it's the ball joint. Several people here including myself have had them fail already. I have a 2 inch level as well and my dealer didn't give me any trouble.


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upper or lower?

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did it solve the problem?

Well.... the knock went away for about a month, now its back.... I don't know if the readylift is causing it. I still need to tear into it and verify that its the insulator again... if it is.. I plan to order the Rancho loaded quick lift complete strut assy.

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UPDATE...UPDATE..... the ReadyLift was the problem....my recommendation... if you are going to install a leveling kit....

get one that mounts at the bottom of the strut assy...


OR get bilsteins 5100's.

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