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'Vette-powered Escalade or XT5 - Which Is the Future?


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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

Has Cadillac lost its way? Today, Automotive News reports that Cadillac's Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus said the company's goal with its newest vehicle, the XT5 "... is to gain the attention of fashionistas, rather than cater to car buffs and auto journalists. Because in his view, younger customers are less interested in the technical details of cars, and don't read car magazines as often as they used to." We're not sure anyone reads any "magazines" anymore, but Mr. Ellinghaus at least seems to have a direction for the struggling luxury automaker to head in. Except that Cadillac is not heading that way according to Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman, who reports that the next car-buff Cadillac will be an Escalade powered by the same engine as the Corvette. This follows the new CTS-V, which is targeted at car buffs and is powered by an engine like the one in the Corvette.


As a parent company, General Motors is smart to cover all angles in the marketplace, but doing so with each of its many brands has gone bad in the past. Caddy needs to pick a plan and stick with it. Sales are down at a time when Lexus and BMW are posting strong growth. Lexus' CT hybrid hatchback came within 200 units of outselling the CTS in August.







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Escalade V should have happened years ago seeing as it is still (in my opinion) Cadillac's flagship vehicle.


I can agree to the notion that Cadillac has lost it however and has no idea what they are trying to or what they want to accomplish.

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Appliance buyers might not read the mags but I've been getting Car and Driver since I was like 14. Look forward to that and R&T every month.


Caddy should be poised to see gains now. The Escalade and the other GM full size SUVs are shockingly expensive but the ATS/CTS are as good as anything Germany can offer, especially in V trim.


As for Lexus, no idea who buys those. Probably brainwashed Toyota owners who did well for themselves.

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I'd like to see GM build an SUV to lure back long time GM owners like myself but so far not. A Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade with a 650HP Corvette engine and some handling upgrades might do it. Jeep can do it, why not GM?

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Not really sure how this will work out. I mean, it would need serious handling upgrades to come even close to scratching an X5M or a GL63, especially since the price tag will surely be on par with these two.

What I would like to see from Caddy however is a true luxury sedan. I believe they're already coming out with a 7 series competitor in the near future, and that's what I look forward to seeing.

But, as much as I love Cadillac and GM, if I'm looking for a luxury vehicle, I'll buy german. (Unless I want an Escalade, because its size is unmatched). They're just better cars.

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They already sell the Tahoe and Escalade above $70k, I can't see one with a 600+hp motor being under $90k. That said, Jeep still smokes it out of the water. As comparing to the $100k X5M and GL63, I don't think GM will ever come close, certainly not in the price range / quality line up.



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I will have one Escalade with Corvette engine! in Platinum edition too :)


The Escalade ESV got no rivals! they are the one and only in this market and definitely there is families out there waiting for a true family hauler beast.


I expect them to introduce Escalade-V with the upcoming design. when they shed some serious weight by using aluminium frames.


PS: Don't forget to increase the fuel tank capacity :driving:

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hennesseyperformance.com and Callawaycar.com both have supercharged tahoes and suburban's.

Sure Cadillac can offer a V series. All these trucks are getting very close to six figures.

Saying you'd pay six figures for a truck and actually writing a cheque are two different kinds of people.

I would like to see one, but doubt I would ever anti up the dough.

My dealer has a Callaway franchise. I look but never touch.

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