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Gutted cats/Stalls on idle

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We gutted the cats on my 03 4.8 1500 due to the fact they were so plugged that one whole side of the engine was misfiring like crazy, it worked fine we had the exhaust cut off right before the cats, since then we have welded everything back together. Just wondering if anything needs to be done to the truck now that there are no cats on it, I ask this question because of a idle problem I'm having. The truck wont idle it's at about 500rpm and then just stutters and dies, you can drive it if you keep it moving but I noticed it cuts out on hard corners.


Could this problem be related to the no cats? Or what could be casuing it to not idle and just stall? I have already cleaned the throttle body and replaced the mas air flow, so those two problems can't be it. Any suggestions?

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