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Civilianizing the '15 Tahoe PPV.


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Our 'Update the PPV' project is underway.


As delivered:




1st order of business was the simple stiff like 17" alloy wheels, tow hitch cover and LTZ leather steering wheel upgrade:




The phone/DIC control pad was removed for now. I may put it back in the future.





2nd was the Katskinz Leather seat upgrade:

The skins where labeled as "Bucket Seat", but they fit the Bench seats as they appear to be identical to the buckets except for the inboard airbag on the drivers seat back. The job was a simple Saturday morning DIY project. Not hard at all. Just be sure to disconnect the batteries to disable the seat airbags.




Then the spot light came off - I must say, for an OEM RPO option the installation is very poor - It is not up to OEM standards, it is more like shade tree hack job. Look how rough the holes look like.

My local bodywork guy will weld in a patch and paint the a-pillar to clean everything up.





Next up, was the LTZ carpet install upgrade:

Removing the PPV rubber floor was a simple matter of gutting the interior, replacing with GM OEM carpets and reinstalling the seats and trim. It was a simple because using OEM carpets rather than "exact fit aftermarket" carpets means no cutting or trimming needed.

Rubber Floor



Naked Floor



Carpeted floor




Soon after that the Corsa Sport upgrade - not the smartest move - see this topic for the low down:






Still to come is the driver side assist handle, center console, 8" NAV upgrade, chrome grill (perhaps door handles and mirror covers), fog lamps, chin spoiler, trailer brake controls and chrome trim rear bumper step cover.


Stay tuned if you like.

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Total plan is a back road, canyon carving SUV that doesn't have a German badge :)


Our normal back road blaster is this bad boy- 105,000 miles of 660bhp N/A LS7 nastiness... so if an SUV is going to join this family, it needs to be able to go, stop and turn. The only problem with the Vette is that only 1 extra person can join in the fun of touring East Texas back roads (approx. 65,000 miles of East Texas touring under the belt, 30,000 of them on the LS7), and the times we end up at the shooting range, we are limited to the number of rifles and ammo we can cart with :)










With this new truck we can also haul extra photography gear and venture down some the roads that need a little more clearance than Vette has.







And as far as SUV's go, not many can haul cones --- for their own slalom use :) This truck handles like a large sports sedan.

I think a super charger is on the cards as well.



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Nice man, I love the PPVs. I would have went with oem tahoe 22s, but I still like the look of the stock 17s. MORE PICS!

I stuck with 17" wheels for now to preserve the current handling character and be able to continue to use the Goodyear V-rated 17"s. I may try a set of 20" alloys with Porsche Cayenne spec V-rated tires.

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Per the PPV documentation - in practice it behaves just like the C5 Corvette Comp Mode.



An advanced computer controlled stability enhancement system assists the driver with directional control of the vehicle in difficult driving conditions. Each time the vehicle is started, the stability system is fully on. The stability system can be controlled by a button on the instrument panel located to the left of the brake / accelerator pedal adjust switch. The condition of the system is displayed by an instrument panel stability system indicator light and Driver Information Center (DIC) Messages. Push once, Competitive Mode is active and Traction Control is off, push and hold five seconds Traction Control and stability system are off, push again and Traction Control and stability system are turned back on. These modes are available in 2WD and AUTO. See illustration on page 20 for location of Stabilitrak Control Button.

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Well, we have made great progress with the truck.


Almost all the exterior mods are done now, save for the LTZ chrome trimmed rear bumper cover (FedEx broke the last one delivered and I am waiting on a replacement), extended front lower valance trim and the front fog light chrome eyebrows.


Exterior mods have been limited to chrome trim LTZ running boards, alloy 17" wheels and SS grill badge - a little hint at the coming power upgrade - either supercharger or 6.2 transplant. The rear total blacked out debadged look will stay.









Interior mods are also well on their way - the remaining major hurdles are the correct component choices for managing the upgrade to IO6 popup nav & integrating the center consol controls and accessories that as yet are not wire up.


Leather wheel upgrade with radio/phone controls removed.




Katskins front and rear seat leather treatment, retail LTZ center console with transplanted matching wood trim.






Max towing package trailer brake controls with appropriate trim panel - just need to get the option activated now. The plug is present and appears to be fully wired up.



Prep for power folding mirrors with turn signal integration - the power fold works but the signals do not, so until I get that detail sorted I still have the base mirrors installed.



Rear cargo cover and rear cargo net.







As for the SS badge, the PPV already provides SS badge worthy handling, the idea is to back the handling up with either a supercharger on the 5.3 or a 6.2 transplant taken care of by Englandgreen here in Houston. GM really needs to sell the handling and HD upgrades of the PPV to the civilian market - there was no way I was going to buy a regular wallowy roll-over inclined SUV, but something that has the ability to safely stop and turn (and haul ass like a big super sedan :D:devil: ) is a different story. GM really needs to sell a proper SS handling package enhanced Tahoe - so until they do, I am happy to build my own.


The badge itself is the 2010 through 2014 Camaro front SS badge and mount bracket. With a little cutting of the mount and a dab of epoxy it fits like an RPO option badge.





Remote start video of the stock truck:


Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Sport installed:


Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Touring muffler installed on existing Corsa system:

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Gearing is the same - well, you get max towing package option but with highway 3.08 diff. ratio.


Shifting appears to be more aggressive and power steering program is more handling orientated.

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Always bugged me that you can get an escalade, or denali with the 6.2, but not in a Tahoe,. Think they ran them for one year in '08 or so, would like to know why...


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The 6.2 was in the tahoe ltz for 2009 model year. From what I read they were eating into denali and escalade sales. As a result GM pulled the plug.

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