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95 silverado no brakes turns hazards

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i hope im posting this in the right forum.

this is my nephews truck and he lost all rear lights yesterday. i checked the fuse panel on the side of dash and fuses were good. went under the hood and 30 amp fuse for brake/hazards(?) was blown so replaced that. we have running lights now but no hazards, turns, or brake.plus the door buzzer isnt working. i swithced two relays in the underhood fuse box around and still the same.

im rather mechanically inclined except when it comes to electrical.

searching the www i think i overwhelmed and confused myself on where to start diagnosing. seems blowing a 30 amp fuse would be a pretty good short in the wiring, but im not sure if i should start tracing wires and look for a short or if theres a common problem these trucks have with this part of the electrical system to look at.

all help would be greatly appreciated by both me and my nephew.

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My truck had the same problem, turns out, it was my indicator switch. I'm no expert mechanic, but but I bought a new switch and it was fixed.

D1256E is what I bought to fix it.

If that doesn't help, I don't know what else it could be.

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