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Wrong oil filter, what can happen?

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The wrong size oil filter should not hurt your truck.





Some customers may comment on an SES light P0521 and low oil pressure after an oil and filter change.


If this is encountered and the oil and filter were just changed, inspect the oil filter part number.

The correct part number is PF63E 19330000.

The PF48 oil filter will fit, but can cause the oil pressure to go low and DTC P0521 to set.

PF63E part number 19330000 is for the GEN5 V6 and V8.

PF48 is for the GEN4 V8.



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What is the difference between PF63 (89017525) and PF63E (19330000)? My Owner's Manual says PF63 (89017525) is the proper one...I just want to make sure I'm using the correct one. Thanks.


Answered my own question. Found a bulletin...

ACDelco PF63 / PF63F Oil Filter Redesigned

WD Bulletin 14D-085

ACDelco oil filters PF63 (GM# 89017525) and the Durapack version, PF63F (GM #19254710), are transitioning to a new design that offers improved performance. The new part numbers are PF63E (GM #19330000) and PF63F (GM #19330001). This will be a rolling change, and the old version will not be available once stock is depleted.

The PF63E’s primary performance improvement is the

bypass valve design, with a compression spring-loaded nylon poppet that outperforms the current valve design. Additional features and benefits include:

  •  Element integrity (collapse strength) is unchanged
  •  Filter media is no longer potted in adhesive which blocks filtration area at each end
  •  The filter shell configuration is unchanged, so existing cap wrenches continue to fit
  •  Bypass valve opening pressure is increased from 100 to 150 kPa
  •  Hot oil durability is improved by elimination of adhesive
  •  Cold weather performance (-30 C) with dexos1 oil is excellent
  •  Improved level of robustness to water accumulation
  •  PF63E filters are expected to be used in OE production in the near future.
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