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3 hours ago, Tyy1907 said:

About to pull the trigger on a 18 lt z71

Does anyone know if the Zone 1.5 bl worKS on an 18?  Assuming it will but it just says 16 - 17 on theor website for kit c9158.

I would assume it would work on the 18 probably Zone hasnt updated its website yet but talk to the dealer see if there has been any changes with the bumpers an tow hooks / frame. The outside has not changed.. Or call Zone they would know by now! 

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On 11/16/2017 at 6:28 PM, vettecowboy78 said:


I have the exact same set up and currently have Nitto Terra Grappler 295/70 r17’s. With that being said, the next time I order tires I’m gonna go with 315/70 r17’s because I am certain they will fit with my stock wheels. If you’re a little hesitant on the 34’s you could always go with 305/70 r17





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What did this do to your gas miliage, and how far is your speedo out

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I bought a Diablo Sport tuner that corrected the speedo along with a better tune so I do not know how far off it was. As far as gas mileage, I get around 12-15 mpg’s when driving around town and when on a long trip driving highway I get around 17-19 mpg. I currently have the 3.42 gears and when I put 35 inch tires on will probably go to 4.10 gears

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I have a 2016 silverado with 2.5 inch leveling kit and 1.5 inch body lift. I am getting new wheels and tires.  Will 35/12.50/20 tires fit? If so what offset would be best to reduce rubbing and trimming? Or am I better off with  295/60/20 tires in a positive offset? 

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Each to their own but 33's give these trucks just that right balanced beefy look perfectly.  35's stuffed into a 4.5" lift fills the wheel wells and takes away from the overall look.  The 295/17's above are 33's.  

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10 hours ago, Rdrk said:

I have a 2016 silverado with 2.5 inch leveling kit and 1.5 inch body lift. I am getting new wheels and tires.  Will 35/12.50/20 tires fit? If so what offset would be best to reduce rubbing and trimming? Or am I better off with  295/60/20 tires in a positive offset? 

Is your level and body lift installed yet?  If so post up some pics with the stock tires.  IMO it doesn't look bad with the lift and stock sized tires.  Look at stock 2500's 

They pull it off 

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Calling all members with body lifts - does anyone have an aftermarket front bumper installed with their body lift? Did you have any trouble with installation?


If not, has anyone seen a body-lifted truck with an aftermarket front bumper who can point me in that direction?


Thanks in advance

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    • By SubParMechanic
      I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado with a 6.2L. About 2 months ago I had bent a rod on Cylinder 4. I replaced all the rods, cleaned all the rockers, new lifters (even AFM), new gaskets, plugs, and plug wires. After the truck ran fine for about a week, then threw code P0106, which is a MAP sensor code. And for the life of me I couldn't get the code to stop showing up. If the code is deleted the truck runs perfectly fine for about 30 miles, then it throws the code and has a bogged down, flooded feeling. I've checked everything I can think of and don't know where to go next. 
      What I've checked:
      Wiring Harness and Ground Connections
      New MAP and cleaned MAF
      Air intake gaskets and filter
      Cleaned Throttle body
      Checked Fuel Rails 
      Plugs, Wires
      Compression tests (all at spec or very close) 
      No leaks in intake 
      All fuses 
      After I spent two weeks after work on this thing I decided to take to the shop, they tried a new computer, new sensors, and ran a cylinder leak down test. The truck still is not fixed but I brought it home today because they told me the only option was to send the heads in to be cleaned and new valves. Said the carbon build up was causing this issue but I'm confused as to how that would affect MAP sensor. Especially when compression tests are all right where they need to be. When I replaced the rods I even checked to make sure valves weren't stuck and didn't make contact with head of piston. 
      Anything help and am open to all options. My next step is to take a look at injectors and to replace/clean the valves myself. 
    • By 01Silverado2wd
      hello gm-trucks commuinty i’m having issues with a smog readiness monitor not completing. any information on this issue would be greatly appreciated. my truck is a 2001 Chevy Silverado LS 1500 with a 5.3L v8 and it’s 4x2. all the readiness monitors complete except the secondary air system causing the truck to fail smog in california. i’ve heard the air pump turn on at cold starts and even replaced the passenger side check valve. also replaced the solenoid that sends vacuum. everything in the secondary air system seems to be operating properly but the monitor won’t complete. i’ve driven 100s of miles and done countless cold starts but no luck. even the smog referee said the system is working properly and i should just drive the truck more. anyone else experience this issue and what did you have to do to complete the monitor? there are no codes stored currently and the truck runs fine. thank you to anyone that helps
    • By Tattoo magic
      I have a 2022 Silverado 1500 four-wheel-drive. The dealer ordered the 2 inch lift kit they offer and I’m waiting for it to come in and have it installed. But I noticed that the kit doesn’t come with upper control arms. Is that going to be a problem?
      (***UPDATE*** )
      so I had the factory lift gm offers installed. When I picked it up, it looked great but as soon as I went to drive it off the lot. I could tell something was wrong it felt completely different. I figured it was just a break in period. But even after a day or two, I was getting crazy bad vibration at low speeds. Took it back. They ended up putting one of the U-bolts on wrong (I have pictures if wanted) they fix that and told me the vibration was gone. I get my keys go to drive away vibrations right back. I turn right back around. this time they have a mechanic ride with me. He clearly hears  an feels a vibration, says somethings wrong so we turned around and he takes it back in. Three hours later they bring my truck back they had to remove the back blocks said there was no taper to them and it was messing up drive line. I got it back and the vibration is still there. (Now annoyed that only the front is lifted and still vibrating). I have them take the whole lift kit off. Put it back to stock. (Now remind you my truck has been down and I’m missing work for 5 days at this point) And after that Whole ordeal, I was done with the truck since I couldn’t have it how I wanted it and decided to trade it in and they made me a good deal on a 2023 5.3 LT.z71
      I know many have gotten this lift installed said it worked out for some reason it did not for me. I’m much happier with the new truck. 
    • By Jgardow92
      I have a 2022 trail boss lt that has about 6100 mile on it now. Bought it brand new in may 2022 and it seems like the drivers seat leans to the left towards the door. Almost feels like Im gonna fall out of it and no matter how I adjust it it seems the same. Visually it looks like it sits level and is fine. Is it possible something is broken inside like the frame? I would assume the frame would have to be sturdy. Is there any place that sell a better bottom cushion?
    • By drmilesbennell
      Hey all,
      I have a 2022 Sierra SLT with passive entry locks on the front handles. Does anyone know if I can easily add passive entry locks to the rear handles? Acquiring the actual handles would not be the issue but I'm wondering if there is a harness (or whatever powers the front passive entry buttons) in the rear door to begin with. I know they come standard on Denali, so was thinking GM might just leave the wiring in the door for different trims but not include the passive handles all around. As I type this, though, I'm sure there's programming that needs to be done but figured it was worth a shot - because why not!
      Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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