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Z71 vs standard shocks


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Yes, they make it much more stiff. Some people don't like this and some do. I have been driving trucks my whole life and that is all I have ever owned and expect a truck to be a little stiff and it does not bother me but others it does. The rancho shocks are crap anyway, plan on changing over to bistien leveling shocks when my 3 year warranty is up.

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I hear a lot of Rancho bashing, but nobody ever offers any specifics.

What's so bad about Ranchos and what do Bilsteins offer over Ranchos?

The "Rancho" shock installed on the line is crap. Really no different from the normal shock except the color. But they are not the same quality you expect from Rancho when you buy the shocks from Summit or 4 Wheel Parts.
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So the Z71 uses Rancho's "entry level" shock, which is crap, but Rancho also offers a high quality shock?

I wouldnt even call it an entry level. But yes some of the aftermarket ones Rancho makes are decent shocks
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What makes them crappy or not?


I've got a Z71, and I love how it rides, so I would consider them an upgrade over the standard shocks.

They dont last at all and an off road shock is not supposed to be firm. It needs to be soft to absorb bumps. Drive a Raptor off road. Ford actually did a great job on that suspension setup.
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I found the the rebound on the old Z71 shocks was way too damp, leading to skating on washboards and small bumps. The bilstiens are much better at higher speeds on dirt and pavement.


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Drive a Raptor on pavement then on dirt, my experience was a drive on pavement and then a dirt autocross, but those Fox Shocks are a little too soft for my pavement liking, but perfect in my off road situation
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Looking at buying a Silverado next week. Went to the dealership and test drive a Z71 crew cab. Compared to my current vehicle, it drove very smooth.


Do the rancho shocks make much of a difference in ride quality?




The OEM rancho's suck. I swapped them out for Bilsteins and never once looked back. And like others have said, the powdercoat on the Rancho's is shit, so they rust and turn orange very fast.


I have driven some regular 4x4s as loaner vehicles and they do ride very smooth.

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For those questioning the Bilsteins and waiting for warranty to expire??, just swap them out and you will understand why the Bilsteins are way better. Have always swapped oem to Bilsteins if they are available for my ride.


I swapped to 5100s within 3,000 miles on my current truck. Much more controlled ride on all roads. Not harsh like OEM. Settles rear wheel hop on rough road corners. Plus you can raise the front end with the 5100s. Have run the yellows on my sub since it was new. Even had Bilsteins on my Datsun 280Z.


Also, any ride that does not come with Michelins is driven from the dealer to Discount, as I did on this truck. Or pick your favorite tire and just dump the oems already.


Never have understood why folks spend 35-50 grand on a truck and then settle for the oem low bidder ride for 30,000 miles or more. Just figure it into a new truck budget. When a friend of mine dumped ,after 20,000 miles, his 20 inch badyears for Michelins he was kicking himself for waiting.

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